Wednesday, January 23, 2019

When a class is cancelled, that leaves time for creating art - so off I go. Heading into my usual piecing frenzy for two great upcoming shows!!!

I have been notified by the TETT Centre that there were few responses to Hand Dyed Roving - it's just the wrong time of year for those who think about hauling home wet fibre at the end of a long cold 'winters day'. So, our February 10th workshop at the TETT Centre is cancelled - but I will continue dyeing here at home like I have been doing several times a month since summer. The cupboard is getting really full of beautiful hand dyed fibres...

AND I have a great stash for the scheduled WET FELTED ART workshop … have a peek and see if your calendar will allow you a chance to come and play along!
 Thursday evening,
 February 26th at the TETT... 
6-9 pm

We will be creating landscapes that can be mounted and shared on canvas or framed and set inside a frame. LOVE small art landscapes in felt!!

Making small landscapes is sooo much fun... and I supply all the wool for the class. Come join me and have some fun!  Layering, wetting, rubbing, layering again - so easy and you can take new skills in any direction you want!


When the calendar has openings, that means I can get busy and make ART! The cancelled class at the start of February means I have time for creative play time at my house!  I LOVE that!

The QUINTE FIBRE ARTISTS show is coming fast now, with art work delivery due in Belleville February 16th. 

I hope you will mark your calendar and join us for a visit - this is a grouping of artwork by very talented artists from Picton, Belleville, Tweed and Wellington. (and yes, I am honored to be included as the Kingston area member - so much fun to work with these wonderful women!

 OPENING Reception
 Saturday February 23, 2019 
from 2-4 pm...

Then comes the KINGSTON FIBRE ARTISTS Show and Sale "ART THREADS" Opening April 8th at the Tett... lots of stitching on the machine and by hand. Loving working with WOOL this winter... what a perfect choice on these cold wet days.

Enjoy these winter days for your own special stitch time... can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hand Dyed Rovings and Wet Felting classes coming during February at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning - Come play!!

I will be providing the sample wool for the dyeing of the roving in the classroom (included in the fee for the class) and you may bring additional wool or alpaca roving for dye work at this 6 hour workshop in the Activity Room at the TETT.

The colouring of wool roving is magical  -as the Dye is simply drawn up and into the fibres of wool and immediately brings visual, excitement and joy to the dyers. The process is simple and not difficult to remember for at home practice following the workshop...

Do look at your calendar and see if Sunday February 10th is open and would allow you the fun of creating a beautiful palette of fibre for your arts projects,,, spinning, weaving and fibre arts.

Hope you will come along and bring a friend!

And later in February - we will be playing with WET FELTING at the TETT - Thursday evening, the 26th of 

Learn the basics of creating your own felt for hand made projects including scarves, vessels, base fo embroider and other forms of art... Love to have newbies in class to share in the fun of this creative process... Kits are included in the price - so all you have to do is come and play! 

We will be working on small landscapes in this evening class...

Register online for both courses at the TETT website here: 


I LOVED working with a terrific group of fifteen arts students at the TETT Centre this past Thursday evening - and we had the best results ever in a MARBLING CLASS - such great enthusiasm and true arts savvy displayed in the trays of carrageenan as the artists (some who have never created ANY artwork) worked their way through prints on the surface of thickened seaweed and applied the DHARMA TRADING Marbling Paints... Awesome!

Join me at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning for a full day of dye play on Sunday February 10th - all levels of experience welcome. I will be taking Dye Workshop participants through all of the steps for preparing and 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

TETT CENTRE offering Professional Practices Series in the New Year - is this for YOU???

Happy New Year FIBREWORKS readers...

Hoping that you are enjoying quiet days and creative bursts of energy now that the Holidays have passed and the peace of being home and in the studio is bringing you joy!


* I have been working with the SAQA Strategic Planning Study Group for six months and we are nearing the finalization of an important Report to the Board in April 2019 at the SAQA Conference, San Jose, California during their Annual Conference. A truly rewarding Experience.

* As Chair, SAQA Regional Grants Committee, I will be back on ZOOM meeting duty with a terrific Committee component working to consider Grants Applications from Regional Reps around the world for Special Events funding in 2019.

* I am weaving, learning FRINGELESS Weaving technique from Rebecca Mezoff and Susan Sweet and loving the process,

* and working on art for upcoming shows:

QUINTE FIBRE ARTISTS: "Evolving Traditions" at the Belleville Public Library, Opening February 21st with Reception on Saturday, February 23rd. 

KINGSTON FIBRE ARTISTS: "Art Threads", Opening April 8th at the TETT Centre Community Gallery and up through the 5th of May! Several Special Events planned including Artists Walk and Talk and Demos on April 12th.

CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS: "re-Fashion" at Wellington County Museum and Archives, September 15, 2019 - January 5, 2020 (followed by an exhibition at the Bruce County Museum)

* I will be sharing some art fun at the KINGSTON SCHOOL OF ARTS February 26th, 9:30 am- 12:30 pm during their  ART SAFARI Series. Details are here and I would love to have you join in on the fun!

* Three days with the TWILIGHT QUILTERS GUILD sharing Gelatin Printing and Flat dyeing and a trunk show for their Guild members in May will see me back home in my old neighbourhood of Waterford/Simcoe ON. Can't wait to see old friends.

* I am travelling to the KAWARTHA Yarn and Fibre Festival to share a workshop during their Fibre Fest this spring: "A WARP TO DYE FOR" will be presented on the afternoon of  June 8th, 1-4 pm

CQA/ACC Conference "Quilt Canada" will be held on June 12-15 in Ottawa ON, and is coming fast! As a Past President, I plan to attend, meet up with Board members and retired Board friends and study with some exciting Instructors along the way!

* I will be heading to QUILTING BY THE LAKEthe Annual Workshops Series for arts enthusiasts and quilters offered by the Schweinfurth Art Centre and held at the Onondaga College in Syracuse, NY to study with the incomparable BETTY BUSBY the week of July 22-26th - cannot wait and SAQA Central members Al Cote and Karen Siriani are in class too, so doubly wonderful! 

And .....

There is much going on in the Kingston Community and the listings of workshops at the TETT Centre is growing weekly. I am sharing several workshops and am excited to have time with all of the students who come through the TETT Centre doors to learn new techniques and playful pass time activities that will follow them through their lives. There are so many wonderful things going on inside the doors at the TETT, and you are most welcome to join in for all the fun!

I personally am interested in attending the Professional Practice Series of workshops that will be delivered by painter/artist Gaetanne Lavoie at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning.  Gaetanne will share an Introduction to Professional Practices session on January 29th..

From the TETT website: 

On the 29th of January, arts-focused attendees will enjoy a comprehensive 3-hour workshop that will cover the basic necessities to begin your journey toward becoming a self-sufficient professional full-time artist! Become your own boss and begin to dictate how the market receives your work. Rather than the market dictating what you create, create what you want and learn how to market, sell and finance your art.

Here is a link to the TETT Events Calendar and the workshops listed below: (scroll through for workshops and events that are of interest to you. Links available on the website for detailed information.

Coming Soon: (my classes and hope you might join in!)

HAND DYED ROVINGS, February 10th, Full Day Workshop, 9:30-4:30 pm  - plan to have some good fun!

WET FELTED ART, February 26th - evening class, 6-9 pm, supplies included

A QUILTERS APPROACH, DYEING YOUR OWN THREADS, Sunday, March 24th - Cotton and Tencel/Rayon/Wool threads will be dyed in class using the basics of PROCION MY Dyes with a touch of Acid Dye play. Full day class, 9:30-4:30 pm. Threads supplied for samples and you are welcome to bring your own!

Hope to see you at the TETT in 2019!