Monday, February 1, 2016

Please join us when Karen Goetzinger, renowned Artist/Instructor returns to Kingston for her ongoing series of design based workshops...

A Message from our May Instructor
returning to Fibreworks Kingston 


 MAY 13-15, 2016

The weekend of May 13 I will be in Kingston, Ontario for the Fibreworks Weekend Workshops. I have taught for Fibreworks several times and it is always a wonderful experience in a great setting. My upcoming workshop, "Recipe and Ingredients for Brilliant Design," demystifies and brings practical clarity to the often confusing principles and elements of design. For more information about this workshop and to register for it, go to the Fibreworks Kingston website. Hope to see you in Kingston!
Collage of Student Work,  Karen Goetzinger, Instructor
MAY 13-15, 2016
St. Lawrence College
Room 00060
Lecture, Friday Evening May 13th
Location to be announced
Course Fee: $125
This workshop removes the mystery and brings practical clarity to the principles and elements of design. Learn the principles that are the foundation and the language of good design by experimenting with each of the elements during 2 days of exercises on paper, fabric and in stitch. 
Through these studies you will learn to understand how the
principles interact with the elements of design in creating successful compositions and how they relate to your own fibre art practice.

 Expect great results in designing all new work for your personal Studio practice during this all new, exciting workshop weekend with Karen. Plan to experiment with design play techniques you have always wanted to explore, and enjoy working through Karen's assignments as you develop a new confidence as you design exciting pieces for your 2016 personal and exhibition work.

Whether an experienced designer or beginning your adventure with original design, Karen's years of successful development of all new work for her own collections will surely provide a great foundation for your continuing studio work.

Plan to ask lots of questions, bring your own design dreams to paper and stitch and be prepared to share in an exciting workshop weekend with like minded fibre professionals.

More of Karen's beautiful designs - please visit her website for more information and images...

Known for her finely detailed mixed media textile constructions that are influenced by her roots in quilt making, couture construction, and her life-long passion for the urban landscape and architecture, Karen Goetzinger captures urban life through the perspective of treasured but fading memories. Using painted and stretched canvas as a giant embroidery hoop, she sketches, with thread, the imprint of urban landscapes on individual memory. Each artwork is intentionally without figurative elements thereby allowing the viewer to become the city’s human element, in solitary interaction with the landscape and their personal narratives and fleeting memories.

Registration form is on the right sidebar here at the blog, or email:
 for your pdf copy.

* New Sketchbook (in the 8 1/2 x 11-9 x 12 size range - does not need to be a hard cover but
certainly can be–your choice) This will become your resource book for the Principles and
Elements of Design.

* 2-3 colourful magazines for cutting up

* Sketching Pencils and/or pens for drawing

* Art supplies you already own such as coloured pencils, water colour pencils (remember
to bring a brush and a small container for water if you bring these) crayons, oil pastels,
markers. You can, but do not have to bring them all!

* Scissors (both paper and fabric)

* New glue stick

* 1⁄2 yd/metre white or any fabric you would want to use as a background or support for
designs in fabric/fibre.

* 1/2 yd/metre paper-backed fusible web (Brand names include: Wonder Under, Steam-a-
Seam and Heat & Bond)

* A spectrum of cool and warm fabrics (can be scraps or about 1⁄4 yd/metre each) and threads
and fibres plus black (does not have to be cotton only - a variety of textures is good) OR
whatever textile/fibre supplies you use for your practice.

* Sewing machine in good working order if you use a sewing machine for your work.
 (Please make sure you know how to use it before coming to class.)

* Power strip and long extension cord (power is limited in this classroom)

* Sewing machine needles and hand sewing needles

* Thread - a variety of colours (including black) and thicknesses. Threads you like to use in your

* Your favorite basic sewing/fibre art supplies - whatever you would need for your
personal art practice.

A small materials fee will be payable to Instructor to be detailed with registration