Friday, October 7, 2016

Special thanks to all of our FALL RETREAT participants... we had a really good time! Another coming in February...have a peek!

Fibreworks weekend at Odessa Fairgrounds Sept. 23-25th found a number of students playing with dyes, paints, quilt block assembly, and stitching some small samples on Sunday the 25th.

We are planning another Retreat weekend for February 22-24th at the Odessa Fairgrounds - and yes, these are weekdays... so plan your calendar and do try to come out.

Highway 6 just off Highway 2 in the Village of Odessa
9-5 each day
$120 for all three days, $80 for two days and $50 per one day

Wednesday the 22nd of February

I will be introducing a favourite Quilt pattern for a great piecing adventure:

Highland Stars, created by Wendy Sheppard for the Fons and Porter "Love of Quilting" Magazine,

Seen in their October 2016 edition, this is MY fall project and I am happy to share a full day workshop with you to get you on YOUR way to this beautiful, easy to piece quilt! I love that the quilt is traditional with a great contemporary feel. Create it with your favourite civil war fabrics or go crazy like I am and use your own hand dyed and printed fabrics.

With pre-cutting directions to be shared with all paid registrations you can come to the workshop all ready to start sewing and have a wonderful, big pile of blocks done by the end of the day. Keep your table for all three days and you will have a finished queen quilt by Friday!

Thursday February 23rd will be SNOW/ICE DYEING Day:

and I love the special effects you can get using pre-soda soaked white cotton and silk fabrics and a BIG pile of snow!!! Dyes are sprinkled on top and the results can be really spectacular.

Yes, you CAN dye wool with this process, and Tencel, linen, hemp and raimie, rayon and cotton for sure. Fast, easy and you need just a few supplies. Start saving those great aluminum foil roasting pans available NOW at the dollar store and pick up a few larger colanders or strainers o stash your fabric in during the snow dye technique. All of the dyes will be furnished for a few pieces each, but you are welcome to bring your own and dye to your hearts content! Dye Friday as well - the snow will be available and if not, we will get bag ice from the gas station.

More details and supplies list will be shared with paid registrations.

Friday the 24th will be WEAVING CLASSA Scarf Challenge Day!!!

For those who love to bring their table looms out and work along with friends - we will all work on a great scarf pattern together on our individual cotton warp. Looms should be dressed before the play date and bring your favourite weft bobbins loaded and ready to go! Should be able to finish in the full day class!

And for our spinning friends who love to get together for a spinning day - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! I have invited a few weaving/spinning related vendors in the area to bring some tools and yarns and threads in the afternoon and they will have visitors from the area who would like to build their stash and have some fun themselves.

PIZZA at 5 pm and everyone can stay as late as they like...

Hope you will mark your calendar and join in on the fun! Registration is open... form on the sidebar here at the blog!


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Would love to have some great compny while on RETREAT at Odessa Fairgrounds Hall the weekend of September 23-25th... bring a friend or two and join me!

COME PLAY - Friday Quilting, Saturday Dye Play and Sunday is stitch day.....

Maybe some piecework and stitching... Friday September 23rd

The Fibreworks sponsored FALL FIBRE RETREAT weekend is September 23-25th at the Odessa Hall at the Fairgrounds, and I will be there working away on some of my own things and sharing some tricks and tips I use in my exhibition work and just playing around...

I have a new piece in the works or the spring Kingstn Fibre Artists Show at the TETT mid-March through mid-April 2017, so have to get some sewing underway! The calendar is so busy and making time for stitching is just mandatory now as we head into September.

Maybe a bit of Dye work on Saturday... September 24th
You know me... most of my work is dye based and I like using MY OWN fabric - sure it is a white cotton base, but I add the colour, textre, line and stitch.

So I will make up some pre-mixed dyes (I will mixing them up on Friday night at the hall Odessa in case you want to join in and learn how to set up a dye run that can be saved and used over and over... likely 5-7 pm.)

Everyone who shows up on Saturday is welcome to join in and make it a DYE DAY!

I want to explore some TEXT on cloth Sunday - so will be developing some cloth to be used in hand stitch exercises... and one of the formats I love is the "discharge" process, using paste that I can water down a bit and paint on with a brush, and also a gel bleach pen... so that will happen early Sunday the 24th of September - and when the Sunday demo starts at about 10 am, I will be sharing some new books and techniques I use as inspiration for SLOW STITCH... hand work - you know, time to fill an afternoon and a piece of cloth!

Sari Silk, stitch practice
Stiching is a passion, and something you have to commit to and make time for and love...

I have to admit that sometimes it is just too tedious for the arthritis plagued hands of this old artist, but I mutter "Yes, You Can" over and over as I start and soon I just find myself able to carry on.

It the colour and the texture and the line and shapes you can image up as you add the stitch. There are friends I really admire for their stitch abilities - Robin Field, Phillida Hargreaves, and Judy Martin... and now Mita Giacomini is my stitch idol.

The collection of threads grows, and I have more needles than I will ever use - time to get busy!
PACKED in, the stitches become the fabric of our lives...

I would love to have you join me for some fun on this fall weekend, so see the Fall Fibre Retreat REGISTRATION FORM on the blog sidebar here at FIBREWORKS Kingston's blog... just glance right!

Hope to see you soon... bring a couple of friends and spend a day or the whole weekend with us!

If you need a pdf copy of the registration form, email be at


Sunday, July 17, 2016

FIBREWORKS SPONSORS FALL RETREAT WEEKEND .... "STAY-CATION" style for those near or within driving distance from Kingston, ON

One Day, Two Days or all three... 
September 23-25th, 2016

Hand Stitching, Weaving, Spinning,
Dye Play, Fabric Painting, Machine Quilting, 
Making Quilts, bags, gifts, mending...or
sharing skills and just enjoying the chats!!!

Retreat fee: $40 for one day, $70 for two and $100 for three with demonstrations ($60 for all three if you are doing "your own thing")

Your printable Registration Form is on the right sidebar here at the blog...

Fibreworks Kingston invites you to come and share whatever YOU love to do! 

We have Odessa Fairgrounds Hall located in the village of ODESSA just west of Kingston from 9 am Friday September 23rd until 5 pm on Sunday September 25th - totally devoted time and space for all things fibre related! Join in on your own or find a few friends and come on out and play.

Close enough to drive and no accommodation costs unless you are coming from FAR away (and you are sooo encouraged to join us...). Everyone welcome!

Can't think of what to do???
* Make a quilt/garment/bag or ???- cut and piece for all three days using large tables and your own sewing space
* Create/finish new artwork for a deadline or upcoming Show...
* Bring your loom or wheel - get inventory ready for fall weaving and spinning sales or simply use your knitting or crochet skills to relax with friends
* Dye some yarn or fabric  - and dry the cloth or wool out of doors while the weather is still GREAT.... hoping for sunshine all weeend
* Take advantage of morning classes with Bethany - or just stitch, design, weave, spin or dye at your own table
* Stitch up a few Christmas gifts - what better way to get a start on the holiday season and have some fun with friends while you sew

NOTE: Tables are reserved on a first come registration basis and in the order that paid reservations are received. One table or two, just ask. A total of 20 tables will be available for each of the three days in the main classroom/play space. Confirmation of table space will be sent along with your registration receipt.

The Odessa Hall kitchen is available for storing and preparing your lunch and some sharing of "cooking" resources for those who want to do some eco printing, wool dye work or if you bring ice for ice dyeing. (One freezer it will be a morning activity.)

Some ideas in "mini-class" style for those who don't know what to do! There will be a demo in the morning and you take it from there with your own dye play.....

(There is no obligation to participate - just come and do your own thing)


Today we will have a short lesson on creating the "strip piecing, free style" using commercial or hand dyed fabrics - STASH BUSTER style (see the quilt photo at the top of the page) which is a "go to" form of quilt assembly for Bethany. 

Bethany will send you a list of pieces to cut if you like before the demo day... she uses a variety of 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, and 3" strips and "bits" left over from other projects and pieces to a muslin underlay.... and this base project works easily into pillows, bags, baby blankets, clothing and decide!

TURNING POINT, Bethany Garner 2016

SATURDAY September 24th - 9-11 am - COLOUR YOUR CLOTH DAY

Bethany will share an assortment of prepared dyes for dyeing cloth (cotton, linen, rayon, silk) and a few colours of acid dyes for wool. Some soda ash and vinegar for making sure your colour STAYS on the fabrics will be supplied. YOU supply the pre-washed wool or natural fabrics. LIQUID, pre-mixed dyes in 8 colours for cottons will be available, 5 for wool. You can mix from this choice of colours for your own dye combinations. (and yes some will be NEUTRALS!) Note: There is a $5 fee for use of dyes and auxiliaries on top of your registration fee for this demonstration morning. The dyes will be in the hall ALL weekend.

Note: Bethany will be doing a short ICE Dyeing demo - please let me know if YOU want to play along...the results can be spectacular! 

Supplies lists will go out to those who register and pay for the dye demonstration/dye usage. Dyeing support will be a focus all weekend for those who want to progress or work a full day with dyes...just mention that on your registration form.

SUNDAY September 25th - 9-11 am  - CREATIVE STITCHERY 

We will be using cotton and wool threads for creating various embellishment plans/ideas for those who love hand stitching and using up a stash of fabric bits you love or even a wonderful wool blanket as a base for stitch work. Bethany will demonstrate the "glue stitch" for basting layers of fabrics together before stitch work, and using favourite embroidery stitches including couching, overcast, blanket, running and various embroidery stitches that are effective for adding new dimension to your home decor, quilts and fibre art! 

Start a project that will last through the fall.. note, Bethany is using a hand dyed wool blanket for her base material, so keep your eyes open for blanket wool at garage sales or in your own linen closet...lovely start! You may stitch on cotton, rayon, linen or other background fabric of choice.


NOTE: Please tick the boxes on the registration form if you WILL be participating in the demos so Bethany has enough information handouts for everyone.

Hope you will join us... REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Cheques payable to HERITAGE QUILTWORKS CANADA (sponsoring through Fibreworks Kingston and coordinated by Bethany Garner)

Mail registration to: Bethany Garner, 3275 Orser Road, Elginburg, ON K0H1M0

contact: or leave a message at 613-376-6150

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hope you will join me as FEATURED QUILTER at the Prince Edward County Quilt Show this weekend in Wellington!

Please come and share in the beauty of the Quilts and the gorgeous Lake Ontario summertime fun in WELLINGTON, ON, just a few km. from Bloomfield along Highway 33 ... Prince Edward Couny offers so many amazing opportinities for seeing ART this summer!!!

Come visit the Show!

I also have work at the TALL POPPY CAFE in Wellington - so do stop by between 10 am and 3 pm daily! Right on the Main Street in Wellington... a great spot for lunch during the Quilt Show Weekend!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I would so enjoy seeing YOU join us for a full week of fibre dyeing, rust work, marbleing, indigo and more at St. Lawrence College in July!

St. Lawrence College offers the most wonderful opportunities for arts enthusiasts during the summer months, and again this year, we will be offering two weeks of FIBRE ARTS focused arts courses at the Kingston Campus. 

Hand dyed cloth created at ST. Lawrence last year...used in Turning Point below

Students stay at the Campus Residences just across the parking lot from the classroom, and happily spend 6-8 hours Monday - Friday creating a luscious palette of beautifully personal fabrics as you explore all things fibre related as they explore multiple techniques:

ARTS 43 - July 11-15, 2016
* PROCION MX Dyes - Monday, July 11th
 * INDIGO technique- Wednesday July 13th
* COLOR VIE and SETACOLOR paints - Thursday July 14th
* SOY WAX BATIK and RUST DYEING - Friday July 15th
  and if there is time, marbling this year!

TURNING POINT, Bethany Garner


We start the week with dyes - and create mountains of beautifully hand dyed and painted fabrics using both FLAT DYE and DYE PAINTED (thickened dyes) technique. The dyes will remain in the classroom all week for continuous dye work as the week progresses and time permits each artist to explore to his/her hearts content!
REFLECTIONS,  Bethany Garner

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FIBREWORKS friend, Phillida Hargreaves welcomes her sister Kate Stewart to Kingston from the UK for a very special shared Fibre Art Exhibition ...

When sisters make art, especially when they are an ocean and continents apart, the work can be guaranteed to be very special...

June 15-28, 2016 
Opening Reception
Thursday, June 16, 2016
6-8 pm 
285 King Street East
at the corner of King and Clarence Streets
Gallery Hours
Mon.-Fri. 9-5 pm
Sat. 11-3 pm 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fibreworks Instructor and Student works included in the MY CORNER OF THE WORLD -CANADA Exhibition in Stratford, ON

The 81 quilts are being hung this week, with 78 amazing artists represented from Canada and around the world... and the Galleries at the Stratford Perth Museum are alive with colour, design and stitch... what more could you want than to be immersed in the magic of the art form we love so dearly... THE ART QUILT!

and MY CORNER OF THE WORLD, International
Opening Reception
Saturday, May 21, 2016
1-3 pm
4275 Huron St., Stratford

We are so pleased that LISA ELLIS, SAQA President
will be with us for the Opening events, as well as Regional Representatives from Atlantic, Central and Western Canada

TED'S GARAGE, Robin Laws Field

Exhibiting Artists Gathering 5-6:30 pm at the Museum

ART QUILTS will be showcased on the main floor and there are several other outstanding exhibits throughout the Museum

Please plan to join us this weekend in Stratford, or come during the summer, the Art Quilts will be on display in the Museum through September 5, 2016 

COURAGE, Mary B. Pal


A NOD TO MAUD, Joan Willison

More Wonderful Exhibits for the family to enjoy while at the Museum

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Myths, Magic and Messages

To the Victor, the Spoils: Festival Archives Exhibit





Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Just two weeks until Karen arrives for her wonderful Weekend Workshop! May 13-15, 2016 - will you be joining in on the fun?

"Through the Haze of Mind"  thread, acrylic, charcoal on stretched canvas  16" x 48"  © Karen Goetzinger

A Note from Karen:  
Art Practice Strengthening Workshop 
for Fibre Artists
There are still a few spaces left for my workshop at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario on May 14 and 15. If you are an artist working with fibre or textiles and you desire to increase your confidence in your work, make informed choices about composition, and decrease the amount of unfinished work sitting in the corner of your studio, this may just be the workshop for you. 

"Recipe and Ingredients for Brilliant Design" is like a food elimination diet. By isolating the elements of design, during the workshop you will create strong works based on a particular element and guided by principles of design. Solid applied knowledge of the Principles and Elements of Design is essential to any studio practice but especially useful at those times you find yourself stuck or unsure. So, now what?Click here to register Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshops. You'll be glad you did. 
MAY 13-15, 2016
St. Lawrence College
Room 00060
Lecture, Friday Evening May 13th
Workshop Fee $125 

This workshop removes the mystery and brings practical clarity to the principles and elements of design. Learn the principles that are the foundation and the language of good design by experimenting with each of the elements during 2 days of exercises on paper, fabric and in stitch. 
Through these studies you will learn to understand how the
principles interact with the elements of design in creating successful compositions and how they relate to your own fibre art practice.

 Expect great results in designing all new work for your personal Studio practice during this all new, exciting workshop weekend with Karen. Plan to experiment with design play techniques you have always wanted to explore, and enjoy working through Karen's assignments as you develop a new confidence as you design exciting pieces for your 2016 personal and exhibition work.

Whether an experienced designer or beginning your adventure with original design, Karen's years of successful development of all new work for her own collections will surely provide a great foundation for your continuing studio work.

Plan to ask lots of questions, bring your own design dreams to paper and stitch and be prepared to share in an exciting workshop weekend with like minded fibre professionals.

More of Karen's beautiful designs - please visit her website for more information and images...

Known for her finely detailed mixed media textile constructions that are influenced by her roots in quilt making, couture construction, and her life-long passion for the urban landscape and architecture, Karen Goetzinger captures urban life through the perspective of treasured but fading memories. Using painted and stretched canvas as a giant embroidery hoop, she sketches, with thread, the imprint of urban landscapes on individual memory. Each artwork is intentionally without figurative elements thereby allowing the viewer to become the city’s human element, in solitary interaction with the landscape and their personal narratives and fleeting memories.

Please join us for the Workshop Weekend  May 13-15, 2016 at St. Lawrence College... Hope to see you and don't forget Karen's Lecture and Sharing of her beautiful work Friday evening, May 13, 2016, Room 12040 on the Upper Level at St. Lawrence College 7-9 pm.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

FIBREWORKS Instructors and student artists included in the THREADWORKS Exhibition, Opening at Wellington County Museum Sunday April 17, 2016

Artwork by Micaela Fitzsimmons


April 17-May 29, 2016 

Wellington County Museum and Archives

Opening : April 17th, 2:00 pm

Please join us at the opening reception on Sunday, April 17 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
Threadworks returns for its final year at Wellington County Museum and Archives (WCMA) with this year’s theme, ‘Flashback’. Organized by the Threadworks Committee, you will not want to miss this spectacular display, showcasing a delightful variety of fibre art from across Canada.
The mandate of Threadworks has been to mount, every three years, a juried exhibition of exceptional creative needlework stitched by artists from across Canada. Since its inception in 1987, Threadworks has been sponsored by the Wellington County Museum and Archives. After an inaugural exhibition at the WCMA, the show travels the Province of Ontario for up to three years and is exhibited in many museums and galleries.

The 2016 entries are now closed. 
A big thank you to all the artists who submitted their work! This exhibition promises to be truly beautiful and representative of the talent of Canadian Artists from provinces across this great country.
image of Wellington County Museum and Archives 
Directions, How to Get Here
  • Our civic address is 0536 Wellington Road 18, located between Fergus and Elora
  • Link to Google map
  • Open year round Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
  • Victoria Day, Monday, May 23 - Closed.
  • Combine your visit to the Museum with a weekend or day trip to Fergus or Elora. Click here for local tourism information
Admission Fees:    General admission to the Museum and Archives is by donation
 The 2016 theme for the artwork submitted was FLASHBACK

What does that word bring to your imagination? Just how far back does it take you? Whether it’s to your own youth, your Grandmother’s time or pre-history, anything other than this minute or tomorrow qualifies. Here are a few suggestions: Fashion, Art Deco, Architecture, Environment/Nature/Fossils, Summer Camp, Holidays, Music (e.g. song titles), War, Hippies, Home, Death, Grandma’s influence/Ancestors, Weddings, Babies...
Come see how the artists have interpreted their memories and "flashbacks" in all new work for Threadworks 2016. 

So many thanks to the Show Co-ordinators are Elizabeth Duggan Litch and Sharron Begg, and the
Jury liaison for the 2016 Exhibition was Kathleen Bissett.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

LORRAINE ROY, renowned artist, sought after Instructor and friend to fibre arts enthusiasts across Canada, arrives in Kingston, April 22, 2016... please help us welcome Lorraine and her husband.

As spring approaches quickly, this Easter weekend reminds us all that it is just three weeks before LORRAINE ROY arrives to share her much sought after and anticipated 'TREE OF LIFE" workshop with students in our FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops Series #3 the weekend of April 22-24th.

'TREE OF LIFE' with Lorraine Roy
April 22-24th
St. Lawrence College
100 Portsmouh Ave. 
Kingston, ON
Friday evening Lecture
 Room 12040, 
Administrative Wing, in the Link Corridor
7-9 pm ....Everyone welcome!

Parking: Use Door E12 at Rear of Technology Building facing Country Club Drive
Campus Map from Google here:

Campus Buildings Map here: 

Please mark your calendar and help us welcome our Fibreworks Kingston Instructor, LORRAINE ROY to Kingston.

Sharing time with an artist that has taken a lifetime to perfect her personal style and develop a well recognized voice is a precious gift. Our  Fibreworks Weekend Workshop students will experience a joy in the design process offered rarely now, and we anticipate that this workshop will include a very special gathering of like-minded, eager students, many coming from a distance to enjoy this time with their very much sought after Master Design Instructor.

Spring in Kingston, ON - along the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River corridor is indeed special. The water, the rocks, the land forms and the light - especially the light will give way to new insight and appreciation for the surroundings offered as inspiration. Our workshop students will have the chance to explore hands-on textile arts exploration in this classroom in all new ways. Their multi-talented artist Instructor will lay out the plan for weekend design play, creativity in cloth and stitch, and her students will be challenged to create their own small masterpieces in this very special shared art form.

Fertile Ground #20

Few life forms have inspired as many mythologies and legends as our giant companions, the trees. As the oldest living creatures on this planet, they bring to mind security, shelter, and connections to our past. Most cultures, ancient and modern, feature trees prominently in their stories. 

As individuals, we often form strong personal connections with particular species based on our memories and experiences. In this workshop, we will examine all aspects of the tree from the scientific to the flight of fancy, and create designs that reflect our personal relationships with them.
Spring Fields #2
Lorraine  will share with her students her simple collage techniques that will complement the design process. Students will come with their favourite tree in mind, and examine it from a number of angles to help develop your personal vision and to supply inspiration for many future projects.

For the Weekend Students: CLASSROOM STUDIES, Room 00060
Textile Design Program Classroom
Green Wing, Lower Level
Enter Room 
9:30-4 pm, Saturday and Sunday
April 23 and 24, 2016
Instructor Profile:
For just under thirty years, Lorraine Roy has worked with a unique form of fabric collage, integrating cut and ripped fabrics and threads with fine transparent tulle and machine stitching.  

Spring Woods #4
Her formal education in Horticulture and subsequent research are an ongoing source of inspiration for her imagery. Science and biology play an important role in her designs, enhanced with a playful and sensitive approach that connects humanity and nature. She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants including the Canada Council Mid-career Arts Grant.

For a look at some of the beautiful work available from Lorraine Roy's Studio, visit here website page here:

Lorraine Roy
103 Hillcrest Ave
Dundas, ON  L9H 4X4
905 628-3156

Looking Forward to seeing many of you at our Lecture Evening, April 22, 2016 at St. Lawrence College, Room 12040 between 7-9 pm. Do bring Friends...

Bethany Garner
FIBREWORKS Coordinator

Monday, March 7, 2016

You're Invited....Sayward Johnson Lecture, Friday evening, March 11th, 7 pm - St. Lawrence College,Kingston, ON

Please join us for an outstanding visit with Quebec based artist SAYWARD JOHNSON on FRIDAY EVENING, March 11, 2016 at St. Lawrence College, Room 12040 in the Upper Link Hallway, Second Floor in the Administrative Wing. You will so enjoy this opportunity to see Sayward’s stunning works and have the chance to chat with her about her processes. Everyone welcome! Lecture begins at 7 pm. 

Weaving and knitting with fine copper wire is a passion and the beauty of the patinated surfaces is stunning. Some works will be offered for sale and this is an excellent opportunity to share in a craft that is both beautiful and accessible for those attending her workshop this coming weekend at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning.

The College is located at the corner of Portsmouth Ave and King Street West in Kingston. Please turn onto Country Club drive off King Street and enter the college campus off Country Club Dr. Park behind the one story Technology Building facing Country Club Dr. Turn into the second drive on the left and proceed to the parking lots behind the one story building. Door E12 is your entrance – come up the stairs or elevator. Left at the top of the stairs and into the Link Corridor. Room 12040 is on the left. 

Please plan to join us and bring friends...                                                                 

Bethany Garner, FW Coordinator