Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CABIN FEVER WORKSHOP WEEKEND - a new line up of one day workshops in Odessa February 6-8, 2015

Cabin Fever Weekend returns to FIBREWORKS in 2015
Three Days - Three Workshops
Perfect for giving you a new start on projects in the new year...

Inspired  by Velocity by Beth Studley, UK Quilt Artist and designer

DAY ONE: Friday, February 6, 2015 
* A day for quilters to come together and play
* Piecing guidance and tips included with a comprehensive handout
* Supplies list provided with paid registration
* $50 workshop fee

QUILTERS TAKE NOTE - Friday's workshop is for YOU! Start the New Year off with a date to stitch and play and create a great quilt. You can even choose to do table runners or place mats instead of the quilt if you like - or a great tote bag for your quilt meetings.

A wonderful, easy to piece Log Cabin version, I made my new quilt with shirting prints and fabrics from my stash. I will work with you to create your own adaptation of this quilt which will be a fun gift for a friend, family member or even to have on your own bed. Beginners skills are all that is required...straight sewing! I will send the cutting directions in advance of the play date workshop so that you come with many of the component parts cut before you arrive at the Odessa Hall. If your love to make quilts, this one says "summer is coming" and "cottage country".  I don't know another project that will!


DAY TWO: Saturday - February 7, 2015 
* brilliant original fabrics created in such a fun way
* all dye and auxiliary supplies furnished
*  you need white cotton/linen/silk fabrics, pre-washed 
* supplies list provided with paid registration
$50 class fee includes dyes and comprehensive handout

NOTES: All of the fabrics for my RED SKY AT NIGHT piece above are flat dyed using a palette of the red, blue and yellow primaries in Procion MX Dyes that will be available to you at the workshop. 

By pouring the dyes across your fabric, laid flat on the table in front of you and moving the dye with your gloved hands, you will create a beautiful palette of 'ombre' colours  that you can combine for your new work.

I can't tell you how much fun this is - and YES you can attend the workshop day and use the dyes to do shibori pole wrapped pieces, folded and painted pieces using the dyes available or just "dip dye" a great palette of gradations to be used in quilts or fibre art projects. Just play with the dyes to do whatever YOU want to do...screen printing, dye painted cards, scarves - your choice. (and yes, I will have print paste available for you to add dyes to for screen work/direct painting of fabric)


DAY THREE : Sunday, February 8, 2015
 "Free Form Collage"

* Create one great, original piece in small or large format
*use a combination of your stash fabrics, and be inspired by nature/a photo you love
* experiment with fusibles, free form cutting by hand and layering for effect
* more inspiration will come from a collection of your favourite cloth bits and threads
* experiment with  fused applique, layering sheers and machine stitching
* supplies list provided with paid registration
* $50 class fee includes handout full of tips

Inspiration for my new collage work comes from the 'Group of Seven'

$120 for all three days

at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall
Odessa, ON
on Highway 6 in the Village
9:30 am - 5 pm
Brown Bag Lunch needed for all students
Break time treats and Coffee, tea and water provided

Registration is Open NOW

Please complete the registration form on the sidebar under CABIN FEVER WORKSHOPS

Your cheque should be payable to HERITAGE QUILTWORKS  CANADA
and mailed to
Bethany Garner
3275 Orser Road
Elginburg, ON K0H1M0 

Hoping you can join me for a great weekend of play and that you will bring a friend or two and really make a weekend of it - stitching, designing, dyeing, painting with dyes...  COME PLAY!!!

Contact Bethany at: garner@kingston.net
 or fibreworkskingston@gmail.com

Monday, December 15, 2014

To all of our Fibreworks Kingston students and friends...

As the snows begin to fall and the winds pick up, do focus in on your home, your studio and all of the things you love the most.

Be kind and loving to your friends and family, and helpful to those who are might be in need of your assistance at this time of year. Remember those who are less fortunate and bring the blessing of your smile to those you meet along the way. Simple gifts.

As we head toward the new year, please know how much your ongoing support and encouragement mean in this quest to bring new Workshops, the very best of the best Instructors your way, and the opportunity to share techniques, new design options and the just plain fun of being together with like minded artist friends old and new.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a most Blessed New Year!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Creative play for two full days with LYNNE MORIN netted a whole room full of amazing art pieces... steps forward, trying new techniques!

On Friday evening November 7th FIBREWORKS Kingston welcomed Lynne Morin from Kanata, ON as our #2 Workshop Instructor in the Fall 2014 series.

Following a great introduction to the techniques her students would be using over the weekend, LYNNE shared many pieces of her art at the Friday evening Lecture/Trunk Show at St. Lawrence College. Her audience of 38 attending artists and friends enjoyed chatting about "contemporary art" as they circulated Lynne's pieces through the room.


Thanks so much for sharing your artwork, Lynne... we all have a new understanding of your techniques and approach to your studio-based creative process. Thanks, too, for the tips about approaching Galleries when we have work to share!

15 grateful students who made AWESOME art in Lynne Morin's course
The Same, But Different, FW #2, November 2014

During the two days in the classroom, Lynne walked us through a number of approaches to creating design, including inspiration, resources, sketchbook use and beginning the process of laying pencil to canvas to design the first of two great small art works that would be painted on Saturday. The painted were mixed and colour laid to the canvas, with modifications along the way, much consultation with Lynne and each other, the pieces began to come together.

Darlene Moritz, first exercise, painted and stitched paper on Saturday
and while underway, here is Darlene's resulting painted canvas
inspired by the first exercise...

Many of the students were all ready with ideas for some of the stitch work and painting and they came prepared with books, photos, camera shots for inspiration. Work came together quickly and the sewing machines were humming throughout the day.

Susan Farber begins a new series, and exploring great paint techniques is resulting in a
lot of movement reminiscent of a dust storm in the desert...
(well, maybe that is not what she saw, but My interpretation)

Catherine Timm working on the initial painting of her first piece after sketching the design onto the canvas frame...painting followed.

Catherine's first finished piece (below), with the addition of ice dyed fabrics she brought to use in her pieces was stitched into the composition, and small sections of layered and stitched merino rovings on a base of cotton and interfacing was cut and fitted into the artwork.

During the two days in the classroom, Lynne walked us through a number of approaches to creating design, including inspiration, resources, sketchbook use and beginning the process of laying pencil to canvas to design the first of two great small art works that would be painted on Saturday. The paints were mixed and colour laid to the canvas, with modifications along the way, and with consultation with Lynne and each other, the pieces began to come together.

Maxine Bowen worked with inspiration from a favourite Emily Carr piece...

Robin Field - detail and colour excellence evident as she worked
Lynne and Catherine with more consultation underway- piece one finished
and number two being laid out on the canvas
Lorriane and Crystal hard at work...
stitches added, work almost ready for re-framing

The finished work heading to the front of the room
 as completed and ready for viewing....
Ruth, Ann, Mary and Robin observing and chatting about paints,
process and Beth in the corner stitching!
Ruth Leblanc, Bethany Garner and Joan Willison, with work underway -
exploring, thinking, ever-changing

Sandra Smith - one done and one to go. Photographs from family
travels as inspiration and no fear as she worked
resulting in stunning abstract interpretations

Darlene Moritz... the Series begins!
Now for more canvasses. Wallack's anyone?
Crys Patry did the most stunning piece on the left.
A second piece was started to finish her Series
Bethany's (right)... well still underway.

Beth Abbott painted a striking abstract to which she would add native symbols in thread and stitch. Cannot wait to see this one finished with Beth's excellent stitching added

Lynne made sure that each of her students had lots of individual consultation time as she circulated the room, making suggestions and working through ideas and possible solutions with the students. At the end of the two days together, the tables were filled with brilliant art work, and when the painted canvas was removed from the wooden frame, stitched and then re-stretched and stapled with the help of John Morin.

The students were ready to step back and enjoy the work while chatting about the value of their two days together in Lynne's classroom.

Joan Willison at work with Lynne's input - a great result!

Overall, while perhaps we were not quite sure as we registered for this weekend where the two classroom days would take us, after two really wonderful days with friends and lots of shared fun and creativity, everyone agreed that this was a great experience, opening up all new windows of exploration with paint and stitch!!!

So many thanks to Lynne and all of our Workshop #2 students. All new SERIES of work to be anticipated as spring 2015 is not far off! Do come back in the spring!
FIBREWORKS KINGSTON looks forward to
SPRING 2015 WORKSHOPS #3 and #4
Hope you will join us again in April 2015 and carry on with HOLLY DEAN as we create painted canvas covers for our MUSE JOURNALS and learn bookbinding skills along the way. Holly is so much fun... talents abound , and she brings us years of experience as a collage artist, calligraphy expert and bookbinding master... come play!


In May 2015, DIANNE GIBSON will join us for her MIXED MEDIA ASSEMBLAGES weekend, and believe me, Dianne is the master of collage play! This is one workshop you will NOT want to miss.

Thanks to all of our Fall 2014 students and our amazing and wonderful Artist Instructors...

Bethany Garner, FW Coordinator

Registration forms for #3 and #4 are here on the blog on the right sidebar
for our Spring 2015 Fibreworks Courses

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lynne Morin comes to Kingston November 7, 2014... please join us!

Fibreworks Kingston invites you to join us for the evening Lecture with our visiting Guest Instructor

 Friday, November 7, 2014
Room 12040
St. Lawrence College
in the LINK Corridor, Upper Level, Administrative Wing
7-9 pm
Light Refreshments

Come enjoy Lynne's Trunk Show and Lecture

Several seats still available in our Design Focused Workshop Weekend.
contact: Bethany Garner, FW Coordinator

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

As a brand new Weaver with the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners, we invite you to our FALL SALE - this is one you do not want to miss!

We welcome Lynne Morin the weekend of November 7-9th, but even the students at Lynne's FIBREWORKS Weekend will enjoy a lunchtime trip to the Weavers and Spinners Guild Fall Sale at Portsmouth TOWN HALL on King Street! 
Come on by and get ready for fall and winter and HOLIDAY GIFTS!

Monday, September 29, 2014

LYNNE MORIN, Fibrework's Guest Artist for Workshop #2 in our Series 2014/15...

Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshop #2
LYNNE MORIN, Guest Instructor
November 7-9th, 
St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus 

Saturday and Sunday WORKSHOP DAYS, 
November 8-9, 2014, Room 00060
Workshop Fee $150
Printable Registration form on the right sidebar pages

WELCOME to AUTUMN... Lynne painted Sunflowers and developed  beautifully focused flower-head centres in fibre to bring this painted piece to life.

YES!! We are so pleased to be able to host LYNNE for her Workshop Weekend and that we will have this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow along with a renowned, multifaceted and much admired Instructor.

Please think about joining us... we have just a few seats left. Join Lynne and friends to explore a new beginning to the use of paint and fibre in all original art work. The two-day Workshop Weekend is running November 7-9th at St. Lawrence College, Room 00060.

Lynne's Friday evening Lecture is planned for November 7th and everyone is welcome! Lecture 7 -9 pm, Room 12040, Upper Level in the Link Corridor, Administrative Wing.

Your Workshop #2 Registration Form is on the right sidebar here at the blog. 

Please email Fibreworks Coordinator, Bethany Garner: fibreworkskingston@gmail to confirm your intent to join in on the fun.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MAGGIE VANDERWEIT MEREDITH WORKSHOP brought much fun and creative playtime to FIBREWORKS students...

Photo thanks to Maggie
 WRAP and RUST DYEING Weekend...

What a wonderfully fun filled workshop we had this past weekend with MAGGIE VANDERWEIT MEREDITH... and a terrific blog post from Maggie after she returned home to Fergus shows many of our students in "play mode". 
Pop on over to Maggie's blog to see  more great photos ...

Maggie caught some great smiles
The Odessa Fairgrounds Hall was alive with focused activity and FUN! Literally hundreds of pieces of beautifully planned eco dyed and rusted fabrics emerged from the pots of dye stuff including fall foliage, local flowers, berries and pods. Metal was included for the "marks" that make eco dyed fabrics unique.
The hall kitchen bustled with activity and the grounds surrounding the hall were filled with "milk soaked" fabrics on drying racks in preparation for the laying of the plant material before bundling for the cook pots. Sights and smells were abundant and truly inspiring. Students shared favourite collections of plants and flowers, catalpa pods and rusty bits! Nearly every inch of space was filled with buckets and bins of leaves, vines, berries and FABRIC in varying sizes.
Our Instructor did an amazing job sharing her recommendations of fabrics that would yield excellent results... thanks too Maggie, for all of the purchasing, cutting, folding and toting of fabrics and supplies we would NOT have otherwise had for this workshop.  Giving us all of the great printed guidelines to follow once at home and sharing terrific demonstrations throughout the weekend provided the guidance needed to be successful at home. We know the participants will have a fun-filled fall season of creating beautiful eco prints.
Layout is an all important part of Maggie's process and preparation
Sunshine on Saturday meant pre work went really well!

THANKS MAGGIE and to all of our great students this past weekend! Loved having you with us.
We hope each of you reading the blog will consider how important and educational our Weekend Workshops Series can be to your artistic career path. Presenting opportunities for learning from the best of the best Instructors is what  our FIBREWORKS Kingston Weekend Workshops Series is all about. Come Play!!

Cathie shares great results - photo by Maggie V.

Next up: LYNNE MORIN from Ottawa, November 7-9, 2014, St. Lawrence College - see the blog post below or visit Lynne's Workshop PAGE on the right Sidebar... Workshop #2. Register soon to ensure that you will not miss the chance to learn all new techniques and some invaluable information from Lynne about working in Series.
Smiles all around as the bundles were opened - thanks Maggie!

Friday, September 19, 2014

LYNNE MORIN, renowned Ontario Fibre Artist will join us November 7-9th for her outstanding DESIGN WORKSHOP

Emerging From Chaos, Lynne Morin

Lynne uses fibre and found objects in her work...in the most beautiful ways, ensuring that her viewers are treated with  sumptuous layering of different textures, types of fibre including felt, silk, wool, slubbed and raised surfaces, loose fibres, stitched threads and embellishments and a most exciting new addition to her work is PAINT! 

On her weekend with our students at FIBREWORKS KINGSTON WEEKEND WORKSHOP #2, November 7-9, 2014, Lynne will explore many of the unusual but extremely effective techniques she brings into her new work - and yes, it may appear to be "THE SAME - BUT  DIFFERENT" you are right... and the best way to explore using new and exciting media and techniques is to study with and learn from those in the Fibre Community who are doing just that!

The data collecting - adding bits and pieces of  knowledge/techniques as work evolves  in exploration and play with fabric, threads, sketches and planning new work over the weekend with Lynne with allow students the opportunity to stretch in all new directions ...

Yes, there will be painting of canvas... removed in the classroom  from a frame, painted and embellished with the addition of fabrics to enhance design elements, and certainly by the use of machine or hand stitch that is designed to support the direction each student sees as the next step toward their finished work. The goal is creating work that is exhibition ready, as the painted and stitched canvas will be re-mounted to the frame for display. Tips and tricks Lynne has learned as she developed her new series for 2014/15 will be the topic for discussion, with lots of individual attention for each student over the two day, intensive learning weekend at St. Lawrence College.

We invite you to join us - a few seats are available in the workshop weekend. Don't miss the chance to study with Lynne - her design savvy and hugely well recognized ability to coach and support students as they grow into their personal Exhibition strategies. Lynne's work is seen across Ontario and Canada in Galleries, solo exhibitions and in private collections.

Lynne Morin's "Sunflower" - painted canvas with fibre
Registration is open... visit Lynne's Workshop Page on the sidebar here at the blog, and send your registration soon to make sure YOU will be a part of the fun and learning opportunities. We can guarantee Lynne will be able to share information to make your design experience perhaps a bit of "THE SAME - but (surely) DIFFERENT" .

Email Bethany Garner for information about Lynne's Workshop Registration:

Email Lynne with questions: lynnemorin@rogers.com

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Please join us for MAGGIE VANDERWEIT MEREDITH Lecture, Friday evening, September 19, 2014

FIBREWORKS KINGSTON welcomes Maggie to our Opening Series 2014/15 Lecture... and Maggie's "WRAP AND RUST DYEING" Workshop weekend.... and we invite each of you to join us for her Lecture/TRUNK SHOW evening next week.

Room 12040
LINK CORRIDOR, Administration Wing
E12 entrance, upstairs to the left
(accessibility via elevator to the rear of stairs on the lower level)
7-9 pm
The Lecture is open to the Public - $5 at the door - so do bring friends! 
Light Refreshments

Maggie is bringing a wonderful assortment of her beautiful hand dyed/printed fabrics/framed art that are the basis for the WRAP AND RUST DYEING Weekend Workshop. You will not want to miss this opportunity to visit with Maggie and see her amazing work. Some pieces will be available for purchase at the evening Lecture/Trunk Show, so bring your checkbook.

The college is located at the corner of Portsmouth Ave and Front Rd/King St. in Kingston's west end.
Please come into the campus off Country Club Drive (a right turn off King St. coming from the east ). On Country Club Dr., take the second right turn into the campus, and drive past the Technology Building on the right. The parking lots closest to the E12 entrance are just past the Tech. building... look for the E12 door on the south side of the two parking lots.

Signage will point the way to the 12040 Room location, upstairs on level two...turn left into the Gray Wing corridor linking to the cafeteria. Our Room will be second on the left after coming through the double doors.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ANOTHER UPDATE: Maggies Workshop is now full!

GRAPE EXPECTATIONS, Maggie Vanderweit Meredith, 2014
Traveling with CQA/ACC Invitational Show
"It's Time For Colour:
Hoping you will join us for WORKSHOPS #2 with Lynne Morin in November or Workshop #3 with Holly Dean in April 2015 or share time with the dynamic DIANNE GIBSON in Workshop #4 in May or 2015.

All of the details are in the Workshop Pages listed on the sidebar here at the Blog.

To ask for your pdf copy of our 2014/15 FIBREWORKS Kingston Brochure, email Bethany Garner:

Also, please join us for  Maggie's Lecture evening, FRIDAY, September 19th at St. Lawrence College, Room 12040 in the Link Corridor, Administration Wing. 7-9 pm Bring friends!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Due to a cancellation, we have a vacant seat in Maggie's Workshop on the weekend of the 19-21st of September. Check your calendar and do register if you can join us!

This is one weekend you will NOT want to miss... Maggie brings us a very special opportunity to spend time exploring NATURAL DYEING in her focused and fun-filled workshop designed to bring you new information and techniques for creating beautifully dyed wool or cotton fabrics.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!! Please register by completing the Registration Form available on the sidebar here at the blog... and send an email to Bethany Garner/Registrar to reserve your seat!

Email:   fibreworkskingston@gmail.com

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Special invitation for Kingston Area FIBREWORKS participants... would YOU consider offering to act as a host for a FW Instructor this series???

Each year we are excited to be able to have the very best of the best artists from Ontario and beyond come to Kingston to share their new work and two days of exciting workshop learning and fun! One of the things that I cannot offer as the FW Coordinator planning the Workshop Weekend visit experience for our Instructors is a welcoming Guest Room  - we still have a son at home and no guest accommodation. Certainly Kingston is blessed to have great accommodations at local area Inns, but our Instructors are happy to accept a billet with one of their students if there is an opportunity.

If you are planning to attend a workshop either this fall or next spring and would like to have your Instructor stay with you for the weekend, please contact me at fibreworkskingston@gmail.com -  let's chat!

What we need from our Billet Hostess:

* The offer of a private room for Friday and Saturday evenings on their workshop weekend. A private washroom is preferable.

* The ability to be at home to welcome the Instructor on the Friday afternoon of the  workshop weekend and provide a light evening meal before the Lecture evening.

* To come with the Instructor to St. Lawrence College at 6:00-6:15 pm on the Friday evening to set up for their evening Truck Show/Lecture.

*  To offer a Continental Breakfast for the Instructor on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the workshop. Lunches will be provided for the Instructor by Fibreworks.

* To assist the Instructor to find the Lecture/Workshop site at St. Lawrence College (or Odessa Fairgrounds for Weekend #1) and back to your home after their Friday evening /Workshop days.

The weekends are:

Nov. 7-9th - LYNNE MORIN

April 17-19th - HOLLY DEAN
May 22-24th - DIANNE GIBSON

We offer to you as the Weekend Hostess:

* A lovely dinner on the town at one of Kingston's many premier restaurants with the Instructor and FW Coordinator on the Saturday evening of the workshop weekend as our gift to you...

* Waiver of the Workshop Fee for the weekend YOU act as hostess.... you will attend the Workshop and Lecture as Fibreworks Kingston's guest. (or we will provide a refund of your paid Workshop fee if you have already registered).

* Good fun and lots of conversation and as many laughs as the two of you and your family can muster!

Certainly, we will absolutely be happy to accommodate our visiting Instructors in a local B & B or Inn, but being able to have the camaraderie and fun of sharing a private home experience and meeting a like-minded artist/workshop student and her family has always proven to be an invaluable experience for our Guest Instructors...

If you would like to offer your home for one (or more) of the 2014/15 FIBREWORKS Kingston weekends, please contact Bethany.  Please think about it... hope to hear from YOU!!! This opportunity is a win-win for both the host family and our Instructors.

FW Coordinator/Registrar 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ottawa Fibre Artist LYNNE MORIN brings her art savvy to Kingston in November - please join us!

Sunflowers, Fibre and Paint on Canvas, Lynne Morin
Fall is fast approaching and our thoughts immediately go to hours in the slower days when ART will once again take a front row seat in our studios! FIBREWORKS is so pleased that well known Canadian artist, LYNNE MORIN of Ottawa will be joining us for Workshop #2 in our Fall Design Series!

Lynne's work has been shown in numerous Canadian as well as international galleries... solo exhibitions, SAQA Traveling Exhibits, our own Central Canada SAQA sponsored SYNTHESIS I and SYNTHESIS II Shows that have traveled Ontario for a number of years and more. 

Over the past few years, Lynne has begun to use her talents as a painter to bring a whole new dimension to her work with textile and fibre. Her new works combine the subtle beauty and magic of laying texture, colour and dimension to a canvas, all the while adding the familiar and thought provoking use of fabrics and fibres in the mix. There are special tips and techniques involved when mixing these two mediums, and Lynne has developed this very special Weekend Workshop just for those who are willing to step out and try an all new approach to their work!

Sunflowers II, Lynne Morin

While "Sunflowers" are a focus in new work for Lynne's fall sharing as she travels, speaks and shares her love of paint and fibre, students who join Lynne for her November 7-9th Workshop "THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT" at St. Lawrence College will gain so much more than time to play with paints and fibre/textile.


* Students who take this course will explore methodologies for approaching and achieving a series of new artworks, either representational or abstract in design, and hear how Lynne approaches successfully creating works of art that are suitable for galleries or art shows.

* The focus will be on the creating of related works...and please know that Lynne will ensure that the “how” is the important part of this course.
* Several shared methods in the course will provide a solid base for further creating art work.... and having the opportunity to use these techniques several times over the workshop weekend will provide the experience necessary to gain the confidence to successfully create more in the future.

* Students will also learn how to critique works of art, especially their own, before, during and after completion of their works. 

* Lynne will also share her focused compositional strategies. As a recognized Gallery and Installation artist, Lynne has built a strong foundation for her many series of new work. She will share her tried and tested steps she has proven can work for you.

If YOU are ready to take a new path this year, to share in the steps to success that this well known Instructor and Exhibition Artist has taken to ensure her work is Gallery-ready... and want to have some serious fun along the way, please REGISTER for Workshop #2 with Lynne and get ready to create some terrific new work!

The Registration form is on the right sidebar at the www.fibreworkskingston.blogspot.ca blog.... and Lynne's workshop is filling nicely.... COME JOIN US!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kingston Fibre Artists Show and Sale scheduled for August 29-September 24, 2014 - Please join us!

Please plan to join us for our Annual INSPIRATION AND EXPLORATION Show and Sale at the Johnson Street Branch of the Kingston Public Library. The Exhibition runs from August 29-September 24, 2014 and we welcome you to enjoy our new work in both the WILSON ROOM an FOYER.
OPENING RECEPTION is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 2014 and invite you to join us from 6:30-8:30 pm for light refreshments and the sharing of the new work by our members.
This year we are also introducing an "Artists Walk and Talk" on Saturday, September 13, 2014, 2-4 pm. We know you will enjoy a relaxed afternoon walk through the exhibition and the opportunity to chat with our artists about techniques, inspiration and hear more about our group of dedicated professional artists choosing fibre as their medium.
Please join us at either or both of our events, and do share the news of our Show and Sale with friends and family.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

UPDATE ON " Wrap and Rust Dyeing" with Maggie Vanderweit

September is just around the corner... workshop planning and marking calendars  is an important focus as we look forward to Fall Educational Opportunities.

Just a note to say that this wonderful workshop has NOW FILLED for the September 19-21st weekend.....

Lynne Morin's "THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT" Design Workshop for artists working with textile as their preferred medium is filling nicely... please do not miss the opportunity to spend time with Lynne.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is passing quickly now... time to mark your calendar for upcoming FIBREWORKS Fall workshops!

launches the fall 2014 Workshops Weekend Series 
September 19-21, 2014.

As July comes to a close, we are all anticipating the changes in schedule that come with approaching fall days. August will give us all the time to plan and consider the opportunities we will want to include in our artistic lives... and we hope you will consider joining us for the terrific and awe inspiring weekend with Maggie. Known for her beautiful compositions in cloth and stitch, Maggie brings to Kingston and area her new passion... NATURAL DYE WORK.

Sharing the techniques she has learned to love, and which have resulted in some truly beautiful cloth that she shares in her booth at Creativ Festival in Toronto and beyond, Maggie will guide you on an adventure using common plant materials, mordants and either heat or steam to move colour and stunning marks from the materials collected for use in the workshop weekend onto your cloth. Having the opportunity to add these skills to your inventory of favourite techniques is an opportunity you will NOT want to miss. FOUR SEATS are available to our final registrants in Maggie's workshop weekend - so please don't wait and be disappointed.

More information:

Maggie's beautiful work brings to life the many wonderful bits and pieces of nature that are currently adorning your gardens and the countryside near your home. Utilizing sound and proven methods for transferring the gorgeous colour locked inside the leaves, plant material and flowers we know and love, Maggie will share her favourite techniques for teasing the colour onto cloth using mordants and heat/steeping to bring forward the marks left by metal, twigs, plant material and more. The resulting cloth is beautiful, and calls for stitching, framing and treasured coveting.

The 7-9 pm evening Lecture and sharing of new work with Maggie will be at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, with the two workshop days at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall.  Hope to hear that YOU will join us for both!

Emerging From Chaos, Lynne Morin

LYNNE MORIN,  joins us the weekend of November 7-9th
 to share "THE SAME, but DIFFERENT" two-day workshop. 

Lynne, an outstanding designer, arts coach and much loved artist from Ottawa, will share her talk and new work with students and guests at St. Lawrence College on Friday evening November 7th.

This is the opportunity YOU need to help move those ideas, plans and sketches from paper to all new original work. Lynne is a master designer and beloved for her calm demeanor and wise advise that has encouraged friends in the art world to take the steps they need to move their work off the design wall and into the world of exhibition and sales. While that is not a goal for every artist, with Lynne's encouragement and support, you will begin to formulate the plans/sketches to create NEW and exciting pieces that will be stepping stones to a new series or even a whole new collection of ideas to work though in 2015.

REGISTRATION is OPEN.... so check out the details of our workshops for 2014/15 on the sidebar to the right side of the blog.

Contact Registrar, Bethany Garner, for a pdf copy of the FIBREWORKS brochure and share with friends. Everyone welcome. Local accommodation information is available from Bethany... come join us!

email: fibreworkskingston@gmail.com