Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer is passing quickly now... time to mark your calendar for upcoming FIBREWORKS Fall workshops!

launches the fall 2014 Workshops Weekend Series 
September 19-21, 2014.

As July comes to a close, we are all anticipating the changes in schedule that come with approaching fall days. August will give us all the time to plan and consider the opportunities we will want to include in our artistic lives... and we hope you will consider joining us for the terrific and awe inspiring weekend with Maggie. Known for her beautiful compositions in cloth and stitch, Maggie brings to Kingston and area her new passion... NATURAL DYE WORK.

Sharing the techniques she has learned to love, and which have resulted in some truly beautiful cloth that she shares in her booth at Creativ Festival in Toronto and beyond, Maggie will guide you on an adventure using common plant materials, mordants and either heat or steam to move colour and stunning marks from the materials collected for use in the workshop weekend onto your cloth. Having the opportunity to add these skills to your inventory of favourite techniques is an opportunity you will NOT want to miss. FOUR SEATS are available to our final registrants in Maggie's workshop weekend - so please don't wait and be disappointed.

More information:

Maggie's beautiful work brings to life the many wonderful bits and pieces of nature that are currently adorning your gardens and the countryside near your home. Utilizing sound and proven methods for transferring the gorgeous colour locked inside the leaves, plant material and flowers we know and love, Maggie will share her favourite techniques for teasing the colour onto cloth using mordants and heat/steeping to bring forward the marks left by metal, twigs, plant material and more. The resulting cloth is beautiful, and calls for stitching, framing and treasured coveting.

The 7-9 pm evening Lecture and sharing of new work with Maggie will be at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, with the two workshop days at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall.  Hope to hear that YOU will join us for both!

Emerging From Chaos, Lynne Morin

LYNNE MORIN,  joins us the weekend of November 7-9th
 to share "THE SAME, but DIFFERENT" two-day workshop. 

Lynne, an outstanding designer, arts coach and much loved artist from Ottawa, will share her talk and new work with students and guests at St. Lawrence College on Friday evening November 7th.

This is the opportunity YOU need to help move those ideas, plans and sketches from paper to all new original work. Lynne is a master designer and beloved for her calm demeanor and wise advise that has encouraged friends in the art world to take the steps they need to move their work off the design wall and into the world of exhibition and sales. While that is not a goal for every artist, with Lynne's encouragement and support, you will begin to formulate the plans/sketches to create NEW and exciting pieces that will be stepping stones to a new series or even a whole new collection of ideas to work though in 2015.

REGISTRATION is OPEN.... so check out the details of our workshops for 2014/15 on the sidebar to the right side of the blog.

Contact Registrar, Bethany Garner, for a pdf copy of the FIBREWORKS brochure and share with friends. Everyone welcome. Local accommodation information is available from Bethany... come join us!

email: fibreworkskingston@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Being not so perfect... a curse. Please Note a Correction in the FW 2014-15 Brochure...

CORRECTION to our circulated FIBREWORKS Brochure...
APRIL 17-19, 2015
FIBREWORKS KINGSTON's Weekend Workshop Series, 2014/15 
St. Lawrence College
Kingston Campus
Creating our all important  FIBREWORKS Brochure by typing one-handed with a casted, fractured wrist, combined with late June summer heat are the only excuses I can offer for making a typographical error and not catching it (thanks to a good friend who gave me a "heads up" today).... please make note of the correct dates (they were correct here at the Blog, but an error on circulated Brochure sent June 28th via email!). My sincere apologies...
I have to remember to stop and THINK before saving - proof reading is SO important
Just know that I am so excited that Merrickville's HOLLY DEAN will join us to share her totally original and creative MUSE JOURNAL course next spring... so PLEASE, mark your calendar and don't wait too long. Student registration is limited to 15 students!
Thanks for your encouraging notes as I mend...