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MARCH FIBREWORKS brings artist SAYWARD JOHNSON to Kingston for a fun-filled weekend of knitting or weaving with wire...

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March 11-13, 2016

TETT Centre for Creative Learning
Workshop Days at the Tett are Saturday and Sunday 
9:30 - 4 pm
370 King Street West
Kingston, ON

Room 12040, St. Lawrence College
945 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston, 
Enter Door E12 at Rear of the College off Country Club Drive

Course Fee $125.00

In 2004, Sayward decided to follow a dream inspired by her adventures in hand knitting and went to study art at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was there that she discovered her love of textile techniques and metal.

Her textile-based works are made with hand-woven copper wire which she then oxidizes with green patina, manipulates and embroiders. Through her work, she is able to explore her fascination with fabrics that adhere to the laws of metal smithing as well as those of textiles and present traditional textile patterns in unexpected contexts.

A former forestry worker, her current work represents a natural progression of her art, passions and life experiences. She draws her inspiration from natural forms, lichens, old, crumbling stone, rust and the Canadian boreal forest.

You have a unique and very special opportunity through FIBREWORKS to spend a two day weekend with Sayward in March of 2016 as she joins FIBREWORKS KINGSTON for a two day focused art workshops series at St. Lawrence College.

Hoping you will reserve your seat soon so you do not miss this very special workshop! Registration Details are on the sidebar here at the FW Blog.

 Art Knitting with Copper Wire
Day One with Sayward Johnson
March 12, 2016
In this class, we will cover the basics of knitting with copper wire and create small sculptural pieces. Along with Sayward, you will discover techniques for hammering and shaping your work, colouring copper using green patina solutions, black patina, and heat. 

Sayward will also address how to seal your pieces with shellac, varnish or wax. 

This class is flexible and can accommodate all levels of experience. 

Basic patterns for creating small orbs and vessels (knit on four needles in the round) will be provided, but works created on two straight needles are also encouraged and equally beautiful. 

Students are free to bring a variety of needles with which to experiment. Crocheters are welcome to join in and crochet along. 

And your knitting may continue throughout the two day weekend....

Materials provided by instructor:

small rawhide mallets

hammering stakes

dapping set

all patinas

wax and sealants.

Students need:

For the pattern, a set of four 3.5 -4mm knitting needles and/or similar size straight needles. (if you are crocheting, please contact Sayward for the appropriate size hooks. )

Knitting course material fees for this class are approximately $28/student. (to be confirmed with letter to students just prior to the workshop). Each participant will receive a bobbin with enough copper wire for several small projects.  

A 1# spool of 28 gauge copper wire will be ordered by the FW Coordinator and ready for you at Workshop. Fee payable to the FW Coordinator on Saturday, March 12th for the Knitting Course. The cost is approximately $28 and will be confirmed with students pre-workshop.


 Weaving with Copper Wire
Day Two with Sayward Johnson
March 13, 2016
This workshop is not specifically focused toward students with  
weaving experience, all beginners are most welcome.....

Old Growth 2012, Sayward Johnson (detail)

Old Growth, 2012 Sayward Johnson

Both 4 and 8 shaft table looms will work for our students and they will use between 28 and 30 gauge wire. We will pre-warp the looms and have them ready for the workshop on Sunday. Information for warping can be obtained pre-workshop from Bethany Garner.

Students may work on their own loom for the entire class.  (pre-warped before Sunday March 13th).

A 1# spool of 28 gauge copper wire ordered by the FW Coordinator and ready for you at Workshop will cost approximately $28 (the price will be confirmed once the order is received by the FW Coordinator before the workshop and payment to be made to the Coordinator on Saturday, March 12 by cash or cheque).

There will be several  demo station looms so that everyone can have varied samples.  The looms will be warped ahead of class and students may volunteer to be involved in this process along with Bethany Garner. 

We will use a satin weave, a few twill variations, an airy plain weave, a  double weave and will have the chance to mix in different materials.

Note: the green patinas take up to several weeks to develop, and the Instructor will hand out extra solution and instructions.

Sayward  will likely be able to hand out small patinated pieces of her work for students to explore with.... 

Registration form is on the right sidebar here at the blog...
Click, highlight and Copy and  print one to send along with your cheque for $125 to secure your seat! 

This will be a stunning 2 day weekend with a very exciting artist! Pleas eplan to join in on the fun!

If you need a pdf copy of the registration form email Beth at