Friday, October 12, 2018

DYE DAY COMING AT Odessa Fairgrounds Hall and all of our fibre friends as well as our weaving friends are welcome to join in on the fun!

Fibre Reactive Dyes are so much fun to play with, and when I recently shared a 'Play Days Retreat' with a few friends here at Odessa, the students said "DO LET ME KNOW" when another day that is devoted to dye play is available and I would love to come out!

Well, the date is set in my calendar and I invite you to join me and bring several friends who LOVE colour on cloth!

We have the Odessa Hall at the Fairgrounds 
Odessa, ON (just south of the 401 on Highway 6) 
9:30-5 pm
Workshop Fee: $45 for the day, INCLUDING a $10 materials fee and
your comprehensive dye handout covering dye work for both fabric and yarns processing

Email Bethany for additional details or directions to Odessa...

A fun filled day for fibre lovers...
Welcome to Quilters and Fibre Arts Enthusiasts
 YOU are invited to join me and spend a full day dyeing cotton, linen, rayon, silk or other cellulose fabrics of your choice.
and  YES, 
 For our friends who are Weavers!
YOU can prepare and bring your pre-skeined cotton, linen 
or silk yarns 
for dye painting or immersion dyeing,
and/or several pre-wound warps for dye-painting.

 I will have 15 glorious colours of  Procion Fibre Reactive Dyes all prepared and ready for your use and sharing all through the day

SUPPLIES LIST - please plan to bring

* Pre-washed fabrics and/or yarns that are ready for dyeing
*FLAT DYEING Projects require thin, roll plastic for laying between the layers of fabrics that you can dye in this one day (8 - 10 half metres by the width of fabric are normal in the day!)
* You will need to bring plastic table cover and old towels to catch drips UNDER your table
*Paint brushes if dyeing warps ( I use foam brushes)
*Gloves and wipe up towels or paper towels
*A container or bin (something to take the wet fabrics home in)
* Beer Cups or small containers to hold your dyes
* For flat dyeing, a slanted paint brush (dollar store) is great for working out the air bubbles between layers of plastic and your fabrics as you build one layer after another or painted fabrics

** You can dye so much more than fabrics and yarns - paper, a shirt or blouse, dye paint a jacket or dye paint some tea towels or other home d├ęcor items at your table (no immersion dyeing this time)

** Bring a few poles that have been string wrapped for shibori or fold some fabrics and prepare them for clamped paint work with dyes from small flat containers at your table. 

** You will need a bucket or other container for transporting wet fabrics home in, as they will all require batching for 24-48 hours after the workshop day before rinsing and wash out!

** Wear old clothes and bring your LUNCH. Coffee, tea and water provided and a few treats for the sweets/chocolate lovers!

Registration form may be printed from the sidebar link at the right side of the Blog or use the brief form below (copy and print from home).

Payment by cheque may be mailed to : Bethany Garner, 3275 Orser Road, Elginburg, ON 

OR:  you may do an e-transfer online through your bank to Bethany using her email:

Hope you will join me for a fun filled day and get ready for a wonderful winter of sewing or weaving  using your own hand-dyed fabrics and yarns!


CONTACT:   613-376-6150   email:


REGISTRATION FORM: (Please mail or email to Bethany at the address above)

I WILL ATTEND THE  FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Dye Day at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall on Friday, November 30th from 9:30-5 pm



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