Friday, December 25, 2015

FIBREWORKS KINGSTON hosts its annual CABIN FEVER WEEKEND at the Odessa Fairgrounds for some wintertime PLAY DATE fun - Friday through Sunday, January 22-24th... Come Play!

Our FIBREWORKS Kingston Guest Artist for April 22-24th is the renowned LORRAINE ROY from Dundas, ON, and she posted this beautiful Christmas Quilt on her Facebook page with great New Year/Holiday wishes to friends and Lorraine Roy art enthusiasts and the message below:


Thanks to all of the students who registred for Lorraine's workshop! We are pleased you decided to  make time in your calendar to spend time with Lorraine at St. Lawrence College and enjoy a weekend focused on her "Tree Series" Workshop.


January 22-24th, 2016

As January can be the month when we all are feeling a bit of a let down and a stirring feeling of Cabin Fever... we have reserved the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall once again for a weekend of fibre play Open to everyone!  
The Fee for the entire weekend (3 full days) is $60 
(and yes, the fee applies whether  you come for 1, 2 or all three days - just to help pay the hall rental)

Happy New Year - come help me celebrate 2016!

You can come and work on whatever your heart and sewing calendar allows... 

Possible projects:
- Sewing/Embroidery/ Projects and UFO's
- Weaving or spinning projects - love to have the spinners out and perhaps the Tapestry Weavers!!
- Plan a great outfit for spring or stitch up some home decor to be ready for spring
- Work on your entries for up coming Exhibitions (Quilt Canada, THREADWORKS, a SAQA Show... KFA?
-  Play with some Modern Quilt Projects (Modern Quilt group members so very welcome) ... or work on catching up on your Quilt Guild Block of the Month project a treat from me, we will start the weekend by including a full day of 
SNOW/ICE Dyeing on FRIDAY January 22nd... 

All dye supplies (except your fabric) will be furnished - the dyes, the auxiliaries (soda ash for your fabric) and the table cover will all be in place and ready for you! 

The process is fun and easy and can work around all of the other projects you will be working on over the weekend... This project will be shared on FRIDAY morning (you will LOVE IT) and you can use my dyes all the rest of the weekend. (and yes, I will share the process on Saturday and Sunday too! Just in case you can't come Friday!)

YOU will need a bucket or dishpan for each batch with a screen or other "elevating" device in the bottom to keep the fabric from sitting in the dye. 

You will need 1/2 to 1 metre pieces of fabric, washed and ready to dye. We will soak in Soda Ash at the workshop 
 In case there is no snow, we will be using ICE CUBES which create amazing patterns...


** The workshop days will run 9-5 pm every day -  Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th  9-5 each day so just enjoy some fun with like minded stitchers!

**as this is not a "class" weekend except for Friday come when you can and stay as long as you want.

 Treats will be in the kitchen all weekend, a few power bars and lots of tables for your biggest projects!

Please copy and print /complete the  Registration Form on the Side Bar here at the Blog or attached with your email!

Hoping to see lots of you come out and join us at the Odessa hall January 22-24th... come on, we all need some time with friends after the flurry of the busy fall 2015 and the holiday shopping and planning/baking.

Please feel to call or email Bethany with questions...
(seats will be held and supplies list for Snow/Ice Dyeing sent with paid registration!)

613-376-6150 or

See you in January and do consider all of our upcoming Fibreworks weekends in March, April, and May 2016!

March 11-13th - SAYWARD JOHNSON (beautiful knitted orbs above - Knitting with Wire)

St Ignatius Bean #2

April 22-34th - LORRAINE ROY - TREE SERIES - St.Ignatius Bean #2 pictured above



Karen in studio above... always moving forward with fresh, new ideas.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fibreworks invites you to take time during January and visit the beautiful CELEBRATE THE SEVEN Exhibition presented by The John M. Parrott Gallery in Bellville's Public Library

Hoping you might  connect with a friend and make time for a drive to Belleville
January 7 and February 11, 2016

The John M. Parrott Gallery 
is on the third floor of the Belleville Pubic Library
Hours listed on the card detail above....

Please enjoy the beautiful hand and stitch work of our award winning 
many of whom you may know as friends from SAQA or area Stitchery/Quilt guilds
 and the many Exhibitions the members have been involved with in Ontario and beyond.

Please feel free to click on the art cards here, save in your photo organizer and forward the information to friends in your area.

Happiest New Year to each of you - See you in 2016!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

'IMPROV... UNDER THE INFLUENCE'...... a three day weekend for stitchers, NOVEMBER 13-15th at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall

Breezes... moving through the Seasons, Bethany Garner (above)

IMPROVISATION... making do...  Time to escape for a weekend and be with friends old and new... just making "STUFF"

Using what you have and committing to keeping the faith when it comes to your own work. Come enjoy this THREE DAY WEEKEND devoted to creating, making and perhaps finishing. Whether you have projects on the go, deadlines to meet or just need some time away from the house - this weekend will get you some free time with friends and see what is happening in the outside world.

The plan is to share three relaxing days with NO Patterns, NO deadlines and NO stress about what is good enough or if all the points meet...

Please note!!

PLANS CHANGE - as do the seasons... and there will be SLOW STITCHING TIME ON SUNDAY the 15th of November - NO PAINT - NO DYE AND just quietly enjoying friends and stitching by hand or machine if you want.  Details are below under the Sunday description.

We will meet at 9:30 am each day and I will stay as long as you want to stay - so for those of you who can't come in the morning - join in during the day when it is convenient and stay late! LATE is when it will quiet down and you will have the personal space to do YOUR thing....

So here is the break down:

Day One: FRIDAY November 13th 
(don't worry  its a GOOD DAY)....

Whether you love to create circles through laying circles as applique on top of a pieced background (shown in the quilt show above), or fuse the circles to a base of pre-cut squares and cut through them, adding some great accent fabrics as you piece them back together (below) to enhance your design, this is a play day you will enjoy from start to finish. 

And the design is YOURS to enjoy from start to finish...these samples are just for inspiration and for getting your thoughts around a day of play!

Students will begin the day with some graph paper and a ruler and pencil - just about an hour to get some ideas down on paper. There will be a large supply of circle templates in the room for you to copy onto cardboard or plastic and cut for your circles. Or FREE HAND CUT THEM... remembering that your design can use a favourite palette from a very traditional stash or go to super contemporary with just the click of the scissor blades and the fabrics YOU choose. This is intended as a STASH BUSTER workshop day.... so go searching through the closets and see what works for you.

Circles created with bleach gel (below) on small hand dyed squares and added to a pieced background sample shared here created by JUDE HILL of Spirit Cloth Blog...a great project for using up some of those hand dyed bits and YOU can do it here in the classroom. (use a circular sponge to lay on beach gel, and in just minutes, you have your circles!) Hand piecing used in this sample... the only way JUDE works... and you can too! NO PATTERNS - YOUR RULES! Just play and have some fun as you create your new work.

YOUR circles might be abstracted and free cut using scissors or a rotary cutter and pieced by machine... curved piecing is another way to add the illusion of circles to an art quilt... and make a real statement (notice the pieced background fabric in the block third from left in top row, and scattered throughout the design for extra impact). USE IT UP, MAKE IT DO... MAKE IT OUR OWN!

The quilt to the left is by SAQA Artist Heather Pregger and certainly inspires me.  IMPROV... at its best.

INSPIRATION: Berries (shown above) is by our friend and recent Fibreworks Kingston Guest Instructor, Penny Berens - (she stitched this one entirely by hand, and this sample is BEAUTIFUL).  An example of SLOW CLOTH that does not happen in a day. Come spend this day developing your plan, choose the background and threads from your stash and get started on a fall project that can carry through to a great exhibition or collection piece. MAKE IT YOUR OWN... piece a background, applique the base circles and enhance them with your own beautiful hand stitching.

Class room opens at 9 am and I will stay late so you can get a great start on your project... BRING BROWN BAG LUNCH and all the supplies you need to create your special and unique wall quilt - or start a bed quilt project, with sample blocks created in class!  

Class Fee - $50 for one day  or all three INPROV  Workshop days for $120.
Registration Form on the right sidebar here at the blog... (click on IMPROV- Under The Influence and mail your registration. Seats reserved with payment in full.)

Day Two: SATURDAY,  November 14, 2015
 'IMPROV... Under the Influence'

The photo here is of my MARIPOSA... machine pieced and quilted created for the Kingston Fibre Artist's show recently in Almonte, ON  (and yes, the photo is crooked - your eyes are not fooling you).

NO PATTERNS NEEDED - bring your sewing machine (or stitch by hand) and a big box or bag of the scrap (or new, yet to be used) fabrics that have been haunting you, cluttering your closets or sitting in the pile - the pieces that you painted or dyed or bought on a whim and WANT so much to use up and turn into a new quilt, art piece or a gift for someone special. This is a day to learn a bit more about how I start and work through many of my pieces... with a focus on creating new CLOTH that can be worked into your quilt projects.  

The little piece below was completed in a day... and sold at a Limestone Quilt Guild Auction. Totally free form piecing using up some scraps and playing with colour and light...Happiness is a finished quilt and a satisfied collector.

You will have the opportunity to add "foundation" piecing to your inventory of skills - and I don't mean the "paper" kind. I stitch my work to muslin or if working by hand, I use a fine, supple cloth like harem cloth or a fine interfacing. Something that allows for pulling bits of fabric together, but keeps the base soft for hand or machine stitch. All you need is a base fabric, scraps, scissors or rotary equipment, and a machine or needle and thread to start the journey. This piece was completed and framed over two days. (in this workshop weekend, you can devote to days and have your own table to work through the project and get it DONE and framed if you like.)

MARIPOSA above was pieced from scraps of my flat dyed fabrics and I had no idea when I began the piecing how it would proceed, but just STARTED.... It is amazing to see the work grow on a design all, and even more satisfying to take it to the finishing stages with quilting and binding or mounting over a canvas.  

COME PLAY!  Workshop Fee is $50 for today or enjoy all three days for $120.


DAY THREE - SUNDAY November 15th

SLOW STITCH... and a bit more
Spend a relaxing day with fibre and threads 
creating some small works of art that make you HAPPY !!

I'm working on some new pieces, continuing with themes begun for an exhibition this past year. The colours are becoming more muted - the seasons of autumn and winter dictates this - my local sources of colour are limited by this part of the growing year. I  am enjoying the way the bits and pieces of fabrics I want to stitch into are evolving into quiet and soulful colour families. I love stitching into my own hand dyed wool.....

Working with needle and thread brings joy and peace in a life that has experienced turmoil, injuries and is moving forward at a slower pace. Making time to sit and stitch is a goal and a joy! Hoping you will come out this weekend and share that special passion - and do some stitching yourself!

There simply is nothing better than sharing design time with good friends...... and so I hope you will join me for a day to continue work on the projects from the previous two days at Odessa or just come and plan the stitches you will add to your finished work... you will be among friends with common skills and we can all learn from each other as the day progresses!

Look for inspiration for your stitch everywhere... and collect old family photos, magazines with photos which inspire you with their colour and stitch opportunities (like the lichen covered stone shown here...) or just sit and design using paper and pencil before you start.

Pull together a collection of small bits - handkerchiefs, buttons, lace and especially fabrics and threads that you would love to include in some small pieces of collage work while at the SLOW STITCH workshop today.

I enjoy creating my own coloured threads (which we can dye today in the lovely space available at Odessa). There are not many options in our area for purchasing variegated pearl cottons and floss skeins for slow stitch work... so I make my own. You can too!

Yes, I also enjoy using Dyna Flo colour to add some accents to fabrics I want to stitch... and will have a nice selection of colours in Dyna Flo at the workshop for you to try. You can colour your collected bits of silk or voile, laces and yes, fine cottons - pre-washed and ready to apply some colour to (and ahead plan to bring table cover, and a few brushes and paper towels to clean up your area). (see just a bit of paint  I couldn't resist).

I crave the muted shades that approaching winter will bring and love the piece below made by Mary Cope of Paris, Ontario... and that has been traveling with THREADWORKS 2013 - WATER  Exhibition. 

As fall progresses, there are many challenges to address for 2016 - including the THREADWORKS Exhibition with the theme "FLASHBACK" with a January - March 1, 2016 Open Entry deadline... so this weekend workshop could be a great time to get a start on painting or stitching some new fabrics for my entry - AND YOURS!

The day will pass quickly, so plan to join in on the fun... start filling a box now with the fabrics and threads you will use - perhaps a hoop or frame and some thumb tacks 's get started right away at 9:30 am... ART AWAITS.

The 'SLOW STITCH' workshop day is $50, or combine with the other two  'IMPROV - Under the Influence' days and pay only $120 for all three.

Registration form is on the right side bar here at the Blog...
Hope you will join me and bring a friend or two!

Contact  Bethany for more details: or 613-376-6150

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Regretfully, we have cancelled September 18-20th GORDANA BRELIH workshop weekend...

Small pieces of complex wall art developed by Gordana Brelih

Developing beauty as we use fibre as our medium, building skills, creative design exploration, the use of exciting new techniques, focused time with an experienced, well recognized and celebrated Instructor intent on focusing on her students in a classroom setting... that is what FIBREWORKS Kingston Weekend Workshops Series is all about.

It has been decided mutually between Instructor and FW Coordinator that the timing is just not right for continuing to market GORDANDA BRELIH's wonderful workshop " Putting it all together - CONNECTING FRAGMENTS". The September 18-20th Weekend workshop is cancelled. Workshop registration payments have been forwarded to our registered students with regrets.

It has been many years since we cancelled a workshop weekend, and at last fall's opening workshop weekend, students shared that the month of September was a "best month" for a workshop before meetings started, family commitments began to build and while the weather was still beautiful for travel. Both Gordana and I have had mixed feelings about cancelling a workshop we both looked forward to bringing to you.

Gordana has just returned to Canada after an extended trip to her home country of Serbia, and the exciting negotiations for a Solo Exhibition to be held in her homeland next year. This is very exciting news, and the workload to complete all new work to travel to the exhibition requires devoted time and energy. While Gordana was certainly excited about the opportunity to bring our FIBREWORKS students her vast inventory of skills and techniques in this wonderful new workshop, she understands that life sometimes gets in the way... travel, work and studio time is a priority for all of us. 

So we will leave the low registration debates for another time and hope that this fall will be an exciting and productive time for all of our area friends in fibre. Make time for creating all new work, developing skills as you dye, paint, eco-print, explore your machine, value time with friends in fibre related groups and as individuals in studio....

Please stay tuned  as we post the details of all three exciting FIBREWORKS Workshop Weekends 
in March, April and May of 2016.

comes to FIBREWORKS Kingston  
March 11-13th, 2016  


Registration is open for 2016 Workshops and seats are limited. 
All of the details are in the right sidebar here at the blog

 and we are very excited to welcome our friend and outstanding Instructor
 Karen Goetzinger 
back in 2016...


May 11-13, 2016
Workshop details in the Pages Section of the right sidebar... just click on Karen's Workshop!

Sign up to have all of the Fibreworks postings here at the blog automatically land in your email inbox (the "Follow by Email" box where you enter your email address is at the top right sidebar here at the blog).

Make sure that you get to ALMONTE this fist week of September to view the beautiful and thought provoking work of the Kingston Fibre Artists Group members in their "TIMELESS TREASURES" exhibition. The show closes Saturday September 5th.

FIBREFEST 2015 is fast approaching in Almonte, September 12 and 13th... the whole town will be filled with the wonders and excitement that only FIBREFEST can deliver. Take friends.... make a wonderful day of it and explore the exhibitions, the vendor booths and have lunch in one of the great downtown restaurants.

Looking forward to seeing you along the way this fall and hoping that our SAQA Central Canada members will be working on their SAQA "MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA" Exhibition quilts with entries due November 30th.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fall 2015 fast approaches and calendars are filling... Will you have time to share a FIBREWORKS WORKSHOP with friends this year?

Putting it all together...
Gordana Belih, Instructor
returns to Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshops Series
September 18-20, 2015

Lets be creative!

Do you ever wonder what to do with your many samples from different workshops, fabric scraps, lace, eco-dyed silk, wool, beads, metal finds? You will work closely with Gordana over this weekend of stitch and design play to develop the plans to create all new work as you "put it all together". Your work may be collaged onto black felt while planning  one special dimensional piece, or you might consider mounting your design stretched onto a frame… 
Bits and pieces of Gordana's work
There are so many options this dynamic artist uses in her own prize-winning art that will be shared during this fun-filled, design focused workshop. Time to explore, plan, sketch, dream and stitch!!! Make time to play and build new pieces for your stash of favourite techniques.