Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Preparing to WORK NEW for Fall 2013... what is inspiring your new work?

The trees are shedding leaves with all of the heat and the world around us is gearing up for fall. Whether you are creating new quilts, fibre art projects or taking your work in an all new direction, some inspiration and commitment are required. Gathering new fabrics, stocking in supplies and thinking seriously about your fall learning opportunities should all be on your end of summer agenda.
FIBREWORKS KINGSTON is all about inspiration and studying with the very best of the best Instructors we can bring to the classroom for your benefit and enjoyment. This year we have a line up that is sure to make your inventory of new techniques and skills with fabric, paint, paper and auxiliaries like discharge paste and disperse dyes inclusive and lots of fun!
As you gear up for creating new work this fall, whether for a series of new work or for a few small pieces that will stretch your creativity, working along with a group of like minded friends in a weekend workshops format can be inspiring and uplifting. Each of us has that need for support, encouragement and creative networking, and FIBREWORKS offers just that. It is also a terrific opportunity to make new friends in the fibre world and stretch your "opportunities" inventory through meeting new people with similar interests and sharing YOUR work along the way.
A few tips for getting started with all new "home-work" this fall appeared in ROBERT GENN's newsletter August 21st edition (and we hope you will go to the Robert Genn website and subscribe to his blog feed for inspiration with his twice weekly newsletter targeted to painters, but SO valuable to every artist):
From this week's Robert Genn Newsletter:
Speed, it seems, short-circuits the right brain to the (artist's) painter's hand. By not passing through the theoretical shoulds, coulds, and woulds of the left brain, the results are more likely to be "artistic."

For homework, we suggest our workshoppers, no matter what their personal styles, hang out with the "37 Club" every morning for a month and do a quickie 8" x 10" or 11" x 14". After all, some folks do yoga, or meditate, or they worship at the altar of Facebook. We can pretty well guarantee that the first few exercises will be disappointing, but many blockages will eventually fall away like blue jeans on a nudist beach. The big payoff is to be happier in your work.  

Esoterica (great advice) : We recommend cutting up a pile of small primed panels (fibre backgrounds/bits and pieces). Once a day, take a panel off the deck, place it on your easel and squeeze out. Take a minute to "center yourself," and think ahead to what you want to do. Set your timer (a kitchen timer will do) to 37 minutes, breathe deeply and go for it. If you're not pleasantly surprised after a month, please consider chartered accountancy.
Back to FIBREWORKS: Ready to get started on a new season of creative work in fibre?
You will find the very most exciting inspiration and "quick start" playful exercises, tips and techniques from our two outstanding fall Guest Artists, PAMELA ALLEN, October 18-20th and KAREN GOETZINGER, November 15-17th at St. Lawrence College. Visit the artist pages and registration information on the sidebar here at the blog, or email Fibreworks Coordinator, Bethany Garner for your pdf copy of the FIBREWORKS 2013/14 Brochure:
Enjoy the rest of summer! See you in the fall...

Friday, August 9, 2013

FALL IS FAST APPROACHING... will you be in the classroom with our outstanding Instructors?

Hard to believe how fast the summer is fleeing now.. with shorter days and changes in the trees and grasses and subtle signs that fall is coming along sooner than we would like. Have you taken the Wolfe Island Ferry this summer, been downtown for Movie Night at Market Square? Walked the all new Princess Street and eaten in an outdoor patio café? Summer in Kingston is so very wonderful, and it all continues into fall. There is so much to see and do in YOUR town...have you recorded some of those favourite things in your new work??? Brought your favourite photos to life in fibre?
As you are doing some planning for your calendar, please have a look at the great workshop weekends that FIBREWORKS KINGSTON has planned for fall 2013 and the wonderful slate of  Instructors coming on board for you in spring 2014.
We start the fall with a two day workshop with the renowned PAMELA ALLEN - Townscapes and honestly, who can get you excited about creating all new work than our very own PAM!
Pam's workshop weekend October 18-20th includes a terrific Friday evening sharing of her quilts and stories and perhaps some slides....and all of the terrific art-focused information Pam always shares with her audience on developing your own design savvy and her approach to working. As a participant in QUILT NATIONAL 2013, Pam's work received exposure to an even wider international audience who are fascinated and amazed at her ability to bring a story to life in cloth and stitch.
For those of you who have a story, a place you love, a travel adventure or just an idea that needs to be shared, this two day workshop weekend will give you the opportunity to get that story down on paper and into "real time" design work with Pam as your guide and mentor along the way. Intuitive cutting and layering of fabrics from your stash, and hand and machine stitch await you as you design and create an original art quilt that tells YOUR personal story.
November 15-17th finds Karen Goetzinger of Ottawa in our classroom with her DYNAMIC COLOUR FOR FIBRE ARTISTS workshop weekend. Karen will take her students by leaps and bounds into the colour play game that is so challenging for many who work in fibre design and stitch. Creative play time with a master is what FIBREWORKS KINGSTON is all about.
Karen will use the workshop weekend to ease you into all new colour-play using some sketchbook exercises, focused exploration using provided colour aide papers, and on Sunday, a bit of painting and more as you travel  the road to a new confidence and perhaps the discovery of your "voice" in a preferred palette you will develop over this creative weekend with Karen.
Karen Goetzinger in situ
Making time for new work is a challenge for many of us, and there is no one better than Karen at sharing the discipline and focus we all need for creative studio work. Plan to join us. Just a few seats left in this weekend workshop.
Acquiescence, Karen Goetzinger

We are so excited to have CAROL SODERLUND of Geneva, NY, Workshop #3 - TRANSFORMATIONS and PENNY BERENS  of Granville Ferry, NS joining us  for Workshop #4, DESIGNING FROM NATURE and Workshop #5, MAKE IT YOUR OWN WITH DISCHARGE in the spring of 2014.
Details are on the Workshop/Artist pages here at the blog site. Seats are filling, so don't wait to send along your deposit and reserve your seats in these amazing spring 2014 workshop weekends.
Contact Bethany Garner, FW Coordinator for an email copy of the pdf FIBREWORKS Weekend Workshops brochure, including your registration form at