Thursday, September 6, 2018

Wednesday - Friday, September 12-14, 2018
Odessa Fairgrounds Hall, 9-4 pm

Beautiful texture created with heat distressed non-wovens and stitch on a painted silk background, 
Mary Cope, Paris ON
DAY ONE: Creating hand painted backgrounds and adding some amazing texture through the use of heat deconstructed non-wovens (PELLON 830) allows the artist to create patterns in textured fabric that will bring all new dimension to the artwork!

Daye one of the Cabin Fever Retreat September 12-14th will find us playing with this technique. Painted silk and non-wovens during the morning and heat distressed work in the afternoon. Stitching will be done at home by the artists or at Odessa if they are coming back for Days Two and Three of the retreat!

By this time next week we will be dyeing INDIO at the Odessa Fairgrounds and I will have had a great day of silk painting and the heat distressing of non-woven fabrics that will lead the workshop participants on a totally new adventure with their artwork moving forward!

BLUE GIANT, on display with INDIGO Cabins - Indigo dyes in gradations and at their deepest glory


Participating artists will have a full ay to wrap poles for Arashi Shibori, explore shibori folded techniques and stitched designs as they relax and await the Indigo Vat development. Class begins with readying the four vats and preparing they 100% white cotton, linen, ramie, rayon or silk for immersion in the dye vats.

No experience is required - just enthusiasm for the dye process and a willingness to work as a part of a team to develop an orchestrated and times entry and removal process for oxidizing the cloth during the process. SO much fun and the colour is brilliant. Students will take home their dyed cloth for 24 hour minimum batching and the rinse out after that 24-hour waiting period.

Cannot tell you how much fun this process is and once you start, you will never be without indigo in your design and colour play inventory again. Easy, fast and you will love adding this to your skills base and bringing this process forward in your dye explorations at home. 

DAY THREE:  IMPROV PIECING- developing a landscape quilt to love and repeat over and over in your arts practice

Pulling together and bringing a supply of stash fabrics that remind you of a favourite place you have visited, a sea side or woods inspired view that sticks in your memory or inspired by a favourite photograph, this class will offer the students a chance to come together as fall approaches and spend a day with Bethany and a few new friends creating a quilt that sings about 

FUN TO DESIGN,  EASY to SEW and QUICK TO BUILD using a muslin base and either cut or torn strips of fabric to build a free-form design that will be sewn using just a straight stitch. Use batiks, flat dyes, prints or solids, yarns and ribbons, and build on a creative map to a result that will remind you of that special day or place or photograph that sticks in your mind and draws you to create art.

Bethany will share her own 'best practice' methods for quickly laying out a design "map" on large-scale graph paper or starting out just "knowing' intuitively which piece to pick up from a pile of strips and add to another to bring a story to life in fabric. 

The day will go quickly as the designs are mapped out at the start of morning, with layering and stitch throughout the later morning and afternoon.

Bethany has muslin available for you at $6 a metre if that helps, and all you need is your sewing machine and accessories, a long extension cord, fabrics, threads and scissors/pins.

Do contact Bethany to register or go to the FIBREWORKS Kingston Blog side bar and print off the registration form to send to Bethany at - payment can be by cheque payable to Heritage Quiltworks Canada or by cash or e-transfer. Cost is: All Three Days - $120, Two days of your choice - $80 or a single workshop day for $50.

Coffee and tea provided... some treats as well. BRING BROWN BAG LUNCH, a drying rack for painted or dyed fabrics and supplies list will be sent immediately with registration.

Hope to see you in Odessa next week!

Bethany Garner, Instructor