Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The days are moving quickly into summer - and how did we get to Mid-May so fast?

Just a note once again to say that unfortunately, The TETT Centre is NOT yet open for classroom experiences together and my DYE DAY CLASS has been postponed once again until JUNE 20th - a full month away...

To my pre-registered students, I am sorry and hope you will plan to join me in the Rehearsal Hall at the TETT and enjoy a day when we can safely distance and yet, be together for a play date with brilliant colour on cloth.  ( And if you prefer a refund of your class fees, just drop me a line at garner[at]

And I have booked an Indigo Dye Day for June 14th at the TETT, with all of my fingers crossed that we can get some fun in at the Rehearsal Hall which gives us lots of space for self-distancing and details are here:

Hope you will join me for either or both of the workshop days as we start once again to invite our friends to the TETT CENTRE for Creativity and Learning.


And just for fun... little follow up on what I have been up to and a short rant (smile)...

Here we are on the 20th of May, 2020 and the month has sped by again. Days and days of early morning walks and my Fitbit says that I walked 91,472 steps and 41.7 miles just last week, accompanied by my hubby, Dale. Great time for sharing and lots of inspiration in the local woodlands north of Kingston, ON.

A KP Trail walk near Sydenham, ON - the rock cuts display beautiful moss and ferns are emerging along with small wildflower groupings.

We love the songs of the many birds, sighting the occasional porcupine up a tree and are dismayed by lots of runners and cyclists cruising by with NO FACEMASKS. As our senior neighbors and friendss (and everyone really) hit the trails for peace of mind and some outdoor exercise, we all need to remember that they need protection from of those who are breathing hard, mouths wide open, and often far too close for physical distancing compliance.

I have several wonderful patterns for handmade masks I am happy to share!

There, I have had a bit of a rant, but do please all be cognisant of the dangers that even someone with no obvious symptoms of Covid-19 display - we can all be possibly sharing the virus.

The trillium are glorious in local woodlands

Waterfall from a cliff at the edge of local farmland that provides some relief from dry days for the cattle... though our now dry days will turn off the falls along the trail soon...

This Mom and babe were among a herd that stood well above us as we walked and were undaunted by the many visitors enjoying a beautiful spring day.

I have been at the TETT Centre several days every week and making facemasks, doing a bit of weaving, and attending lost of great ZOOM meetings with friends across the city, the Province, and indeed around the world. That is solace, but knowing that it will still be a while before we can see our great friends in person and a long while before anyone will accept a hug again is sad.

Be well and safe great friends...