Monday, January 20, 2020

Winter is here and LET"S CELEBRATE!!! Come to the TETT Centre on February 22nd and share some time with me - SNOW DYEING!!!

My first experiment with dyeing fabric with fiber-reactive dye occurred a couple of years ago using SNOW. I loved the vivid results I was able to achieve and wanted to continue dyeing, but the snowy season was over. Because snow is made up of ice crystals, I decided to experiment with ice cubes. Using ice cubes to dye fabric offers year-round results very similar to snow dyeing. But best of all, I’ve found that when using ice cubes, the colors are even brighter!

So many variations to try…and just plain easy!  

What you need to know! 

This is a 4-hour class and we will get right at the work as you come in the doors! 
  • You will furnish your own threads, fabric and I will share all the dye!
  • Bring a dishpan and a colander (dollar store) to tuck your fabrics into - and you need a pan and colander for each piece if larger than 1/2 metre!
  • And YES, you can snow dye yarns that are cotton, linen, rayon, silk or Tencel!

 -  Students will experiment with how the fabric is folded. Different patterns, scrunching, tying, or folding on the diagonal will cause the fabric to have another look.
 - We will vary the amount of dry, powered dye students will use and where they apply it to the snow mounds in their colanders or onto the ice if there is no snow!
 -  Students will experiment with different color combinations of dye.
- When the weather forbids the falling snow to come on our dye day, we will use commercial bags of ice cubes.

Register by contacting Bethany at garner[at]
Credit card/Square, e-transfer and cheques are welcome for pre-registration