Saturday, August 23, 2014

Special invitation for Kingston Area FIBREWORKS participants... would YOU consider offering to act as a host for a FW Instructor this series???

Each year we are excited to be able to have the very best of the best artists from Ontario and beyond come to Kingston to share their new work and two days of exciting workshop learning and fun! One of the things that I cannot offer as the FW Coordinator planning the Workshop Weekend visit experience for our Instructors is a welcoming Guest Room  - we still have a son at home and no guest accommodation. Certainly Kingston is blessed to have great accommodations at local area Inns, but our Instructors are happy to accept a billet with one of their students if there is an opportunity.

If you are planning to attend a workshop either this fall or next spring and would like to have your Instructor stay with you for the weekend, please contact me at -  let's chat!

What we need from our Billet Hostess:

* The offer of a private room for Friday and Saturday evenings on their workshop weekend. A private washroom is preferable.

* The ability to be at home to welcome the Instructor on the Friday afternoon of the  workshop weekend and provide a light evening meal before the Lecture evening.

* To come with the Instructor to St. Lawrence College at 6:00-6:15 pm on the Friday evening to set up for their evening Truck Show/Lecture.

*  To offer a Continental Breakfast for the Instructor on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the workshop. Lunches will be provided for the Instructor by Fibreworks.

* To assist the Instructor to find the Lecture/Workshop site at St. Lawrence College (or Odessa Fairgrounds for Weekend #1) and back to your home after their Friday evening /Workshop days.

The weekends are:

Nov. 7-9th - LYNNE MORIN

April 17-19th - HOLLY DEAN
May 22-24th - DIANNE GIBSON

We offer to you as the Weekend Hostess:

* A lovely dinner on the town at one of Kingston's many premier restaurants with the Instructor and FW Coordinator on the Saturday evening of the workshop weekend as our gift to you...

* Waiver of the Workshop Fee for the weekend YOU act as hostess.... you will attend the Workshop and Lecture as Fibreworks Kingston's guest. (or we will provide a refund of your paid Workshop fee if you have already registered).

* Good fun and lots of conversation and as many laughs as the two of you and your family can muster!

Certainly, we will absolutely be happy to accommodate our visiting Instructors in a local B & B or Inn, but being able to have the camaraderie and fun of sharing a private home experience and meeting a like-minded artist/workshop student and her family has always proven to be an invaluable experience for our Guest Instructors...

If you would like to offer your home for one (or more) of the 2014/15 FIBREWORKS Kingston weekends, please contact Bethany.  Please think about it... hope to hear from YOU!!! This opportunity is a win-win for both the host family and our Instructors.

FW Coordinator/Registrar