Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ottawa Fibre Artist LYNNE MORIN brings her art savvy to Kingston in November - please join us!

Sunflowers, Fibre and Paint on Canvas, Lynne Morin
Fall is fast approaching and our thoughts immediately go to hours in the slower days when ART will once again take a front row seat in our studios! FIBREWORKS is so pleased that well known Canadian artist, LYNNE MORIN of Ottawa will be joining us for Workshop #2 in our Fall Design Series!

Lynne's work has been shown in numerous Canadian as well as international galleries... solo exhibitions, SAQA Traveling Exhibits, our own Central Canada SAQA sponsored SYNTHESIS I and SYNTHESIS II Shows that have traveled Ontario for a number of years and more. 

Over the past few years, Lynne has begun to use her talents as a painter to bring a whole new dimension to her work with textile and fibre. Her new works combine the subtle beauty and magic of laying texture, colour and dimension to a canvas, all the while adding the familiar and thought provoking use of fabrics and fibres in the mix. There are special tips and techniques involved when mixing these two mediums, and Lynne has developed this very special Weekend Workshop just for those who are willing to step out and try an all new approach to their work!

Sunflowers II, Lynne Morin

While "Sunflowers" are a focus in new work for Lynne's fall sharing as she travels, speaks and shares her love of paint and fibre, students who join Lynne for her November 7-9th Workshop "THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT" at St. Lawrence College will gain so much more than time to play with paints and fibre/textile.


* Students who take this course will explore methodologies for approaching and achieving a series of new artworks, either representational or abstract in design, and hear how Lynne approaches successfully creating works of art that are suitable for galleries or art shows.

* The focus will be on the creating of related works...and please know that Lynne will ensure that the “how” is the important part of this course.
* Several shared methods in the course will provide a solid base for further creating art work.... and having the opportunity to use these techniques several times over the workshop weekend will provide the experience necessary to gain the confidence to successfully create more in the future.

* Students will also learn how to critique works of art, especially their own, before, during and after completion of their works. 

* Lynne will also share her focused compositional strategies. As a recognized Gallery and Installation artist, Lynne has built a strong foundation for her many series of new work. She will share her tried and tested steps she has proven can work for you.

If YOU are ready to take a new path this year, to share in the steps to success that this well known Instructor and Exhibition Artist has taken to ensure her work is Gallery-ready... and want to have some serious fun along the way, please REGISTER for Workshop #2 with Lynne and get ready to create some terrific new work!

The Registration form is on the right sidebar at the www.fibreworkskingston.blogspot.ca blog.... and Lynne's workshop is filling nicely.... COME JOIN US!