Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MAGGIE VANDERWEIT MEREDITH WORKSHOP brought much fun and creative playtime to FIBREWORKS students...

Photo thanks to Maggie
 WRAP and RUST DYEING Weekend...

What a wonderfully fun filled workshop we had this past weekend with MAGGIE VANDERWEIT MEREDITH... and a terrific blog post from Maggie after she returned home to Fergus shows many of our students in "play mode". 
Pop on over to Maggie's blog to see  more great photos ...

Maggie caught some great smiles
The Odessa Fairgrounds Hall was alive with focused activity and FUN! Literally hundreds of pieces of beautifully planned eco dyed and rusted fabrics emerged from the pots of dye stuff including fall foliage, local flowers, berries and pods. Metal was included for the "marks" that make eco dyed fabrics unique.
The hall kitchen bustled with activity and the grounds surrounding the hall were filled with "milk soaked" fabrics on drying racks in preparation for the laying of the plant material before bundling for the cook pots. Sights and smells were abundant and truly inspiring. Students shared favourite collections of plants and flowers, catalpa pods and rusty bits! Nearly every inch of space was filled with buckets and bins of leaves, vines, berries and FABRIC in varying sizes.
Our Instructor did an amazing job sharing her recommendations of fabrics that would yield excellent results... thanks too Maggie, for all of the purchasing, cutting, folding and toting of fabrics and supplies we would NOT have otherwise had for this workshop.  Giving us all of the great printed guidelines to follow once at home and sharing terrific demonstrations throughout the weekend provided the guidance needed to be successful at home. We know the participants will have a fun-filled fall season of creating beautiful eco prints.
Layout is an all important part of Maggie's process and preparation
Sunshine on Saturday meant pre work went really well!

THANKS MAGGIE and to all of our great students this past weekend! Loved having you with us.
We hope each of you reading the blog will consider how important and educational our Weekend Workshops Series can be to your artistic career path. Presenting opportunities for learning from the best of the best Instructors is what  our FIBREWORKS Kingston Weekend Workshops Series is all about. Come Play!!

Cathie shares great results - photo by Maggie V.

Next up: LYNNE MORIN from Ottawa, November 7-9, 2014, St. Lawrence College - see the blog post below or visit Lynne's Workshop PAGE on the right Sidebar... Workshop #2. Register soon to ensure that you will not miss the chance to learn all new techniques and some invaluable information from Lynne about working in Series.
Smiles all around as the bundles were opened - thanks Maggie!