Monday, April 28, 2014

MAY fast approaches and PENNY BERENS will soon be arriving in KINGSTON - will you be here to greet her?

SHORELINE, Penny Berens

Does turning the beautiful photographs and sketches you have taken the time to amass into REAL fibre art present some serious  challenges for you? Well they do challenge me, and I know just the person to bring those art challenges into REAL TIME FUN... and that is our next Guest Instructor, PENNY BERENS from Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia!
Penny arrives in Kingston for a great evening Lecture at St. Lawrence College on Friday evening, May 16th and everyone should plan to be there. And yes, we know this is the start of the LONG May weekend, but how often to we have the privilege and benefit of welcoming one of the Country's master Textile Artists to our fair city. Hope you will postpone your weekend fun long enough to get into Room 12040 and join us for a fun filled evening with Penny! Her stories and art photos and her smile will bring you joy and start the celebration of this glorious spring we have all been longing for to a great start!!!
While the workshop weekend for DESIGNING FROM NATURE is filled, we have a few very focused and sought after seats in the two day workshop "MAKE IT YOUR OWN WITH DISCHARGE" scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20 and 21st  and this is  one workshop that you will not want to miss. Art is all about experimentation, trying NEW things and creating the cloth that will bring the new work you are destined to create to fruition.
Thinking about the tools that we all need in our work basket for creating original art, there are few things that bring the mystery and awe to the eyes of the viewer better than the marks that can be made while using the products that allow you to remove colour from cloth. Penny is all about working safely and in a way that will guide you toward great success in the creative pursuit of all original cloth that only YOU can develop using the processes she will share as she guides you through the two days of this terrific workshop!
Gather some black or dark fabrics - natural linen, cotton, raime, rayon or yes, even some silk and make your way to the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall for the Discharge workshop adventure.  Details are under Workshop #5 on the sidebar here at the Blog....
Your friends will be there... come join in on the fun!
Contact Bethany at to reserve your seat, and bring a friend.